You must have heard people saying that hair should be shorter in summers so that they are not covering your neck and that hair should be long in the winters to keep yourself warm. However! People go for short haircuts usually in the winters. Have you ever thought why that is?

Short hair used to be a summer thing in past years but now you would see people with shorter hair in winters more often. Here are 5 reasons for why it is best to chop your hair off in winters;

Short hair means healthy hair

You all must have noticed a visible change in the texture of your hair as soon as winters arrive. Hair usually become frizzy, have split ends, lose their shine and start getting thinner. All of these changes in the texture of your hair start coming out when you are low on your hair nutrients. Vitamin A, B, C, D and E are essential for good hair growth. If you suddenly observe these changes in your hair, get your complete blood work done and consult your doctor.

When hair are chopped off, they become shorter hence the nutrition which you are taking through your food gets equally distributed to all the body parts including your scalp where it reaches every hair till the very end making hair more healthy.

Low maintenance/Easy to style

Short hair is very easy going in a way that when you have to casually step out you just have to shampoo your hair and dry them and TADA! You let them be! But if you have longer hair, after you are done shampooing them, you are going to blow dry them and then obviously the step of styling comes in where longer hair take much more time to be styled than the short ones either you have to curl them, tie them in braids, straighten them or whatever it is that you are considering!

The real styling struggle starts when you have to attend a wedding or a formal function or gathering. Formal hairstyles take way longer to be done than the casual ones. Longer hair might have more options in formal hairdos but it can also be very time consuming too.

Goes well with your winter wardrobe

You can call this more of an opinion than a fact. Winter wardrobe contains all those uber-stylish coats, jackets, cardigans etc. Now here is a tip, nicely styled shorter hair would make you look more chic and stylish because they complement the long winter coats, the combination of long coats with short hair never fails!

Be it a leather jacket, a padded jacket or an oversized hoodie short hair is easy to carry with these outfits and I really hope you agree how short hair with these winter outfits makes you a little more confident about yourself and a little sexier than you already are! 🙂

To avoid hair-fall

If you are facing the problem of hair fall, doctors usually recommend having shorter but healthier hair rather than having long hair. To control the hair fall chopping off the hair is a very useful trick because if you have short hair the nutrition in your body will get to your hair better and your hair will have a larger portion of nutrients to enjoy as compared to if they are longer the nutrition have a longer way to go and this is why sometimes if you lack nutrition in body, it will not get to your hair properly and the hair follicles become weak and the hair start falling off.

Makes you lose some years off of that actual age

SHORT HAIR MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER AND FULL OF LIFE! Ladies this is a very useful trick you should know when you want to get a lively change in your life, all you need to do is get a haircut and go a little shorter. Long hair looks very beautiful, it gives you a mature and a sober look. However! Short hair will always give you an edge of making you very lively and will make you lose some years out of your real age!

LADIES! Even if you have long hair or short hair or even no hair, it does not define your beauty, your worth and how amazing of a human you are! You can flaunt that beautiful long hair or you can play with your short hair or you can even have a shaved head, what matter is your happiness! Adopt a look that makes you happy and this is how life would be a little easier and a little happier. Keep smiling! 🙂

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