Covid-19 is the viral illness that is caused due to the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This viral disease has shown different symptoms in different people. Some people show mild symptoms while others have become severely ill because of this condition. There are covid-19 vaccines which have shown commendable fight against the virus but these vaccines are given in two doses. There are some vaccines in the market that only require one dose. So why do we have to get two doses? How much is the wait between both doses? Can a person get covid-19 after the first dose?

Working mechanism of these vaccines

These vaccines mostly have mRNA working mechanism. This technology feels very natural to your body. Your body cells use mRNA in daily routine to make many proteins required by your body to keep it healthy.

Two-dose Covid-19 vaccines have mRNA in them, which tells your body to make the type of spike protein which is specific to the new coronavirus. This same protein is present on the surface of this virus. The virus uses these spike protein to attach itself to the host cells and then enter it.

When a person is injected with the vaccine, the immune system of their body processes all the information on the spike protein. Then it generates an immune response to this protein. This process includes the rapid production of antibodies.

covid-19 vaccines

Why are there two doses?

Researchers during the early studies found out that the two-dose Covid-19 vaccines like Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines push a relatively dull response with one dose.

This is why they decided to test a second dose. The result of a second dose gave a much stronger immune response.

It can be said that the first dose of these vaccines starts building up the ground for the process of protection against the virus. However, the second dose makes sure to strongly reinforce and sustain this protection.

Vaccines with only one dose

The covid-19 vaccine developed by the Johnson and Johnson requires only one dose. In its initial stages this vaccine was banned right away in its testing stages because of the after effects it showed in some of the patients.

However, the company started working on it again and catered the problems which it had. After proper testing and reviewing its effectiveness as well as safety on large-scale clinical trials this vaccine was approved by FDA as an emergency use authorization in the USA.

covid-19 vaccines

The waiting period between the two doses

For all the two-dose covid-19 vaccines there is a waiting period between the two doses. There is a 3 weeks (21 days) wait in the case of Pfizer-BioNTech.

However, you will have to wait 4 weeks (28 days) if you are going to take the Moderna vaccine. Some vaccines have a waiting period of 48 days between the second dose.

This waiting period in two-dose vaccines is very important because the first dose preps and primes your body. It introduces your immune system with the spike protein.

It is basically an introduction to the body about what is to come which is the second dose with its complete effect.

Let us keep on fighting against this pandemic till the very end. Get your vaccines done, keep your social distance, wash your hands frequently and never forget to put on your face mask whenever you step out. Together we can do this!

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