Who does not like to dress up, put a little makeup and look good? Well NO ONE of course! But it is always a hassle when you plan on travelling and have to take all of your makeup products and tools in different bags other than your shoes and clothes. It adds up so much to the luggage which is another nuisance to keep up with all the bags while you travel.

Here come the compact beauty travel boxes which will carry all your makeup essentials in one single bag! It is a small investment but makes your life so easy in so many ways. Today, let us talk about these little miracles a bit!

What are compact beauty travel boxes?

A compact beauty travel box is a portable beauty box which gives you a chance to carry your makeup with you anywhere you go. These beauty boxes let you carry your makeup in an organized way and provide different places for different tools and essentials which you want to carry with you.

People who travel a lot, mostly makeup artists or travelers in general who love to pamper themselves with a little makeup know how hectic it is to pack and unpack all of your beauty products in travel friendly containers every time you have to step out on a little travel spree. These bags are actually a one stop solution for all of these worries and are a beauty studio in itself.

Why is it trendy these days?

As the years pass by, human life is much more about simplifying all the complex things more than anything else. We have a clock, a calculator, a computer, a radio and whatnot in a mobile phone. Likewise, the reason for popularity of these compact beauty boxes is how we cannot carry a whole dressing table with us but can carry all our favorite beauty products in a small and well-organized bag which is easy to carry with you wherever you go.

5 best compact beauty travel boxes

There are hundreds of brands which offer these compact beauty travel boxes but according to the reviews of makeup lovers top 5 best beauty travel boxes which will cost you between $20-$40 are mentioned below;

  1. Relavel Cosmetics Case Organizer
  2. Sephora Collection Beauty On The Fly Bag
  3. Mark & Graham Monogrammed Concourse Cosmetics Case
  4. Rownyeon Makeup Organizer
  5. Space NK Travel Cosmetics Bag

5 key qualities a compact beauty travel bag should have

  1. Dedicated pockets: Makeup bags we carry usually have bigger pockets for the bigger stuff but small items like bobby pins, safety pins, nail clippers etc. get misplaced because of the absence of no designated pockets for these smaller items. So a beauty box should always have pockets to carry all the smaller stuff while we travel.
  • Spacious: There are certain beauty products which we can take out of our beauty travel box. But at the same time there are some products who happen to be our holy grail and we can never think about skipping them. So in a beauty bag there should always be enough space within a easily portable size, to carry all your essentials.
  • Space conserving: A beauty travel bag should never be very space consuming. It should not be very big or very small in size. A size which can carry all your essentials and still is travel friendly because of being conveniently portable is always the best choice.
  • Non crushable: There are always some delicate products in a makeup bag which break on a little pressure for example an eye palette, a compact powder, a blush on etc.  These items need to be kept with care without any application of external pressure. For this a beauty box should have a design which preferably has walls which can stand a little push and can protect all that is present inside.
  • Separate compartments for tools: Most of the times there are only compartments to carry makeup but there are no separate places in a beauty box for carrying different beauty tools such as a hair straightener, curler, blow dryer etc. All of these accessories are very important in creating a look as they help in doing the hair so a designated place for these tools is also as important.

So have you made up your mind to do this small investment which can save you so much stress? Because after buying yourself a travel beauty box you can care less about losing your makeup products while you’re traveling. You can also free yourself of the stress which is caused when a small product gets lost in bigger bags because these ones will give you separate pockets and compartments for everything you need to carry with you. So buy one of these before you head out and Happy Traveling! 🙂

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