The idea about supplements that most of us have in our brains is actually quite misleading. Supplements for body literally mean something that can supply with what the body lacks. A person should not entirely count on these man made pills to fulfill body’s requirement of nutrition. Eating processed food on a daily basis can create a nutritional deficiency in your body which can only be met through eating healthy food!

Fresh food we eat is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, magnesium etc. in its raw form. Nutrients from the drug store are synthetically made to fill in the nutritional gaps in your body. These nutrients must be taken with the prescription of your doctor!

Consult your doctor and get your blood tests done

Consulting your doctor is very important when it comes to something that is going into your body.  So whenever you feel weak on a daily basis and the fatigue would not go away even on the next morning when you wake up, go see a doctor. Do not start taking pills by yourself because you never know what is causing your health issues.

Consultation with your doctor must be a detailed one in which you share with them everything that you are experiencing. The next procedure that your doctor will hopefully tell you is to get your blood tests known as complete blood count (CBC) done.  This way when they have your blood tests reports with them, they will be able to tell what essential nutrients of the body are on the lower side. Your doctor will then prescribe supplements according to how low the levels of nutrition are in your body.

Absence of trace elements of wholesome foods in synthetic nutrients

When you are consuming wholesome foods, you are nourishing your body with a whole lot of nutrients other than what you will find in the supplements. Supplements are basically very selective in nutrition.

For example if you are taking a vitamin D supplement, it will only have vitamin D in it. However, if you are eating an egg, it can not only give your body a good amount of vitamin D but will also be a source of vitamin K, B12, B6 and minerals such as zinc, copper and iron! THIS IS HOW MAGICALLY WHOLE FOODS WORK!

Calcium deficiency in women which occurs with age

Menopause in women causes severe calcium deficiency. This is the reason why doctors around the world insist that women should take a calcium supplement after an age of 35. Calcium deficiency also known as Hypocalcemia, can cause loss of memory or confusion, depression and hallucinations, muscle cramps, weak or brittle nails and delicate bones.

Synthetic supplements have no antioxidants

Antioxidants are very crucial as they fight free radicals in our body. Free radicals cause different forms of cancer and heart diseases. Free radicals are molecules which our body makes when it breaks down the food we consume or after exposure to any harmful rays.

These molecules cause a process called oxidation which is a chain reaction and will damage our body cells. Foods rich in antioxidants are carrot, spinach, potatoes, broccoli, avocados, asparagus etc. Green tea leaves are also a very good antioxidant.

Pregnancy and folic acid deficiency in women

Folic acid is very important for women because it helps in childbearing. If the woman has a deficiency of folic acid it can be the cause of birth defects and can even lead to miscarriages.

Whole foods which are rich in folic acid are mostly green vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach and spring onion etc. chic peas and kidney peas are also loaded with folic acid.

Liver also has a great amount of folic acid in it but it should be avoided in pregnancy because it contains preformed vitamin A and retinol which is harmful for an unborn baby.

Eat healthy

If a person eats healthy; which means they take meals that contain enough amount of natural nutrients like vitamins, calcium, protein, magnesium, iron, folic acid etc. They have a higher chance of staying away from a doctor at the age of 40. If it is not the case then the health starts getting compromised. Eating healthy is the key that saves us from so many diseases.

The actual purpose of supplements is to supplement your diet when that’s needed. Use it for that purpose only and do not completely rely on it. Healthy food is a blessing because it tastes delicious and also is not as heavy on the pocket so Happy Eating Everyone! 🙂

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