The Doomsday Seed Vault appears between Norway and North Pole on an island above the arctic circle and goes deep inside the base of the mountain. This vault is very crucial for the survival of mankind. It does not contain any oil, gas, minerals from earth but seeds, from all over the world.

Where is the Doomsday Vault located?

The Global Seed Vault is located on Spitsbergen which is a part of Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. This vault is 150 meters deep into the mountain.

This vault is in the most remote area in the world. Svalbard is a vast frozen expanse of emptiness. It is the farthest point in the north where you can get through a commercial flight.

What’s inside the vault?

Inside the vault, more than 930,000 varieties of food crops are stored from all over the world. This vault is like a huge storage box which is holding the world’s largest collection of agricultural biodiversity.

“Inside this building is 13,000 years of agricultural history,” says Brian Lainoff who is the lead partnerships coordinator of the Crop Trust and manages the vault.

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Why is it called a doomsday vault?

Svalbard Global Seed Vault is called the “Doomsday Seed Vault” because it has a large reserve of seeds that are to be used in case of a catastrophic event or an apocalypse.

This seed vault is designed to protect mankind against the small, localized destruction and threats towards gene banks all over the world.

Why is it located in Svalbard?

Svalbard was chosen as the location for this Global Seed Vault because of its remote location. Another reason would be its freezing weather which provides a natural preserving element for these seeds.

“It is away from the places on earth where you have war and terror, everything maybe you are afraid of in other places. It is situated in a safe place,” says Bente Naeverdal, who is a property manager and oversees the operations of the vault.

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How are seeds stored here?

There is a main door that opens into the hallway of this vault. This hallway is used to take seeds inside the vault in trolleys.  This huge hallway further opens up into 3 chambers inside the vault.

These chambers are present deep inside the mountain. One of three chambers is currently being used. The door of this chamber is covered in thick layers of ice all year long. This tells that there is a subzero temperature inside this vault.

Inside this chamber, seeds are stored in vacuum-packed silver packets. They are also stored in test tubes in large boxes. These seeds are carefully stacked onto the floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Seeds themselves have a very little life span and monetary value. So the boxes are actually the key contributors which are making sure that mankind survives if this planet faces a doomsday!

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