As we grow older we get to develop a different perspective towards life. We see things differently and perceive things differently. This is how the value of things in our life also changes. We start valuing things that we never thought were important. The pursuit of happiness at this point in the life starts coming from very simple things. Here is a list of simple things which you can focus on to find your happiness in life!

Be with people who make you happy               

Always distance yourself from toxic people. People who are a risk to your happiness should be slowly and gradually cut out of your circle.

Keep your circle small which should include people who make you smile and laugh. People who make you love yourself and tell you you’re worthy of love must be a part of your life.

Stop judging others

If you are going to judge everyone based on their choices you will never find your own happiness. Happiness is in letting go of what does not concern you.

Let people do whatever makes them happy. Keep a positive approach in life towards everything and everyone. Before judging anyone always remember you don’t know their story!


Be grateful for what you have

Being grateful and content is the key to happiness. Always be grateful for simple things. Learn to appreciate simple blessings. In order to always be grateful, always compare yourself with the less fortunate.

By doing this you will learn to count your blessings and eventually you will be grateful for them. These blessings can be family, a good spouse, a best friend, a good job of pretty much everything which you have but the people around you don’t.

Be welcoming of people and changes

Always welcome the changes life brings with it and the people who come along. In life we go through so many phases, some are good while the others are hard phases of life. We are introduced to many people over the course of time.

Some of these people give us life lessons while others walk with us till the very end. This is why we should always be welcoming of life changes and the people it brings along because everything leads to something.

Be optimistic

Having a positive approach towards life is the basics of achieving your happiness. If you are skeptical and complaining about every situation in life you will never really be happy.

Even through the hard patches of life never forget to keep the positive energy flowing and you will feel yourself more at peace.

Welcome the constructed criticism, ignore the rest

Another important rule to achieve happiness in life is that learn how to ignore unwanted things. If you think someone is criticizing you with baseless assumptions, ignore them and keep ignoring them until they stop coming at you.

However, if someone mentions something which you feel needs a positive change, then you should definitely put some thought into it. It is never late to fix things that need fixing in your personality.


Do what makes you happy

Always remember, you need to follow your heart. Do things that make you happy. There are so many things which give you a sense of joy. For different people, there are different things that make them happy.

For some people, reading a book, listening to some music and relaxing, dancing, cooking a meal, shopping or hanging out with friends may bring happiness while some people might find their happiness in just having a good conversation over a cup of coffee with a close friend.

Love yourself

Will, you not love the body which took you out of the bed this morning, got you ready, and took you to work? Will you not appreciate the body which collects you after every breakdown and takes you to places you love?

Let’s not deny that loving yourself physically comes first before loving your own soul for all of us. It’s because loving your body is more difficult than loving your soul.

No one is going to criticize your soul because no one sees it but everyone judges you on how your body looks on the outside.

This is more the reason why we should start loving ourselves and start accepting our flaws. The day we do this, that will be the day we will find our happiness!

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