Clouds might look like big containers of water which go empty after it rains but science says that is not the case. Clouds are actually a giant mass which can hold a huge amount of water vapors.

When they reach their saturation point which means when they reach their limit of water vapors they can hold, these water vapors are condensed.

Due to condensation water droplets are formed inside them. These water droplets are further precipitated as rainfalls. Once all the water droplets from a cloud are released there will be no clouds in the sky!

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Do clouds disappear after rain?

They can carry water droplets till a limit. These drops of moisture start growing in size. They are not able to float in the air and fall down to the earth in the form of rain.

When the cloud loses all its moisture we expect it to disappear. In some cases it does. However, in some cases a thin line of cloud is left behind after the rain.

If the weather in the atmosphere is warm these thin clouds once again start collecting the moisture in the form of water vapors.

How does the rain fall to the earth from the clouds?

Rain is water which falls from the sky to the surface of the earth. These water droplets convert into water vapors. Later these vapors cool down and change into small water droplets.

These water droplets form clouds of various sizes. Small water droplets combine together to form bigger water drops. When this moisture becomes too heavy for the air to hold, it falls down in the form of rain.

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Can rain clouds move from one place to another?

The speed of wind depends on the temperature up in the atmosphere where the clouds are floating and the temperature on the ground. If the air on the ground is warm whereas the temperature up in the sky is cold, the wind will blow faster. Rain clouds tend to move faster if there is cold air passing by them while the temperature is warm on the ground.

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