Mango is a fruit which is low in calories and high in nutrients. It is high in antioxidants and boosts immunity. It is also good for heart and digestive health. Its health benefits aside, mangoes are definitely one of the fruits with the best taste in the world!

Mangoes are one of the fruits which are not cultivated and produced in all the regions of the world. This is why it is an export fruit and source of great income source for a lot of countries. Countries with the biggest mango exports are mentioned below;


India is the country with the largest mango production. It is producing up to 16,645,700 tons of this fruit every year. There is a huge variety of mangoes grown and exported from India.

This fruit is a very important part of India’s traditions just like they are in the rest of the Southeast Asian counties. It is considered as a friendly gesture to bring some mangoes along while you visit someone’s home.


China comes in at number two on the list of biggest mango producers in the world after India. It produces about 4,753,681 tons of this delicacy every year.

China was not always interested in the production of this fruit. The passion for mango production in China started in 1968 when Pakistan’s Foreign Minister presented Chairman Mao with a case of this delicious fruit.



Thailand stands on the third position in the list of countries with the biggest production of this fruit. It produces 2,650,660 tons of mango every year.

The famous Brahm Kai Meu is a cultivar of the mango Mangifera Indica which is of a Thai origin. This mango stays relatively green and doesn’t change much color even when it is ripe enough to eat.


Pakistan and Thailand are quite small in terms of cultivation area as compared to China and India but their mangoes are as famous as these bigger countries.

It is known for its fragrant mangoes with the most pleasant taste. Pakistan produces a total of 2, 784, 600 tons of its world-famous mangoes every year. There is a huge variety of this fruit in this country. Mango is the national fruit of Pakistan.


Mexico takes the fifth position on the list of the most mango-producing countries. It produces 5 different varieties of delicious mangoes.

About 1,632,650 tons of variety of mangoes is produced in Mexico every year. Most of this production is exported to other countries that do not have their own production of this fruit.


Indonesia stands on sixth position in this list of highest mango producers. It produces 1,313,540 tons of mangoes per year.

Arumanis and Gedong Gincu mangoes are the main variety produced in Indonesia. These two types of mangoes are exported into the world. Mangoes are considered as a sign of  a big achievement in Indonesia.



Brazil produces 1,288,910 tons of mangoes every year. Mangoes are a very loved and enjoyed fruit in the Brazil like it is in the rest of the world.

The peak season of mango production in Northeastern Brazil is the month of January. The most famous mango of Brazil is a purple colored mango which is called the large Palmer mango.


Hundreds of mango varieties are present in Bangladesh. Bangladesh produces a figure of 1,047,850 tons of mangoes annually. Mangoes are given frequently as gifts in Bangladesh.


The national fruit of Philippines is also Mango like Pakistan. Production of mangoes in Philippines is 823,567 per annum.

The most famous mango of Philippines is the “Manila Super Mango”. According to the Guinness Book of World Records it is the sweetest mango in the world.


Mango production in Nigeria is about 790,200 tons per year. Most popular variants of mango in Nigeria are Sheri and Kerosene (sounds like oil, but it’s actually a type of mango).

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