Honeybees are a type of insects which are brown in color and have a length of about 15mm long. This insect has brown bands on its oval shaped body. The body color of honeybees is different within its different species.These light and dark brown bands or stripes actually play a huge part in the survival of honeybees. These differently colored stripes on their body are a warning sign for the other predators or honey robbers actually telling them that honeybees know how to sting in defense of their lives and their honey. Here are all the details about where do honeybees live and how do they make honey;

Anatomy of a honeybee

Honeybees have segmented bodies. Their bodies are divided into following segments.

  • Stinger
  • Legs
  • Antenna
  • Three segments of thorax
  • Six segments of the abdomen

where do honeybees liveOn its head a honeybee carries its eyes, antennae and feeding structures. Eyes are two types;

  • The compound eye: the function of this eye is to understand the color, directional information, light from the sun’s UV rays
  • The simple eye: the function of this eye is to help determine the amount of light which is present around.

The function of antennas is to detect and smell odors and to measure the exact flight speed of a honeybee. Honeybees have a jaw which helps them to eat the pollen cut and shape the wax, feed the queen and the larvae, groom, fight and clean the hive.
The thorax consists of the legs, muscles, wings which control their movement. Lastly, the honeybees’ abdomen consists of female reproductive organs in the queen, the stinger in both workers and queen and male reproductive organs in the drone bees.

The colonial responsibilities

Honey bees are highly social insects because they live in social colonies. There are three types of honeybees that live in a single colony. They are;

  • Queen bee
  • Male drones
  • Infertile female worker bees

where do honeybees live
There is only one queen in a single colony whose duty is to mate with male drones and lay eggs. One queen is capable of producing 2,000 eggs per day.
Worker bees take care of the larvae inside the cells of the beehive. They feed them with pollen and honey until they grow enough to emerge out of the cells.
Male drone bees are very few in number as compared to the worker bees. They have one purpose to serve which is to mate with the queen bee. Soon after the mating happens, the drones die.

Where do honeybees live?

Honeybees live in a beehive which is like a busy city. An average beehive of honeybees can contain up to 50,000 bees. This is what makes honeybees highly social insects.
The worker bees built this nest by making hexagonal cells inside this hive. They make these cells with the help of wax. Hundreds of these cells are packed together to make a beehive.
Some of these cells are used by the queen to lay eggs while the others are used by the worker bees to store honey in them. These wax cells collectively are known as a honeycomb.


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