YouTube has been around since December 15, 2005. It has given video bloggers a platform to showcase their talent and earn money by displaying it across the world. This software has about 10 million hours of videos available on it. People have learnt how to beautifully monetize it with time.

Some vloggers have a smaller following and earn their pocket money from this platform while the others have an insane amount of subscribers and have made vlogging their career. Many of us want to start a channel on YouTube and have the same question stuck in our heads. That would be when does YouTube actually start paying me? Keep reading to know the answer!

What is the Cost per Impression?                                                     

Cost per Impression also known as CPI is the measurement unit or the metric YouTube uses to calculate the due amount it has to pay you.

The ads which are played during the YouTube videos are a source of income. Every time an ad is played and someone watches it, rather than skipping it, YouTube adds up some amount to your account.

If the video you posted crosses 10k views, only then you will have a potential chance of getting paid. With every 10k clicks, your number keeps increasing.


What is the Cost per Impression Dollar Amount?

The CPI is different for every video on YouTube. The average Cost per Impression is $2. Your videos can have a CPI starting from a few cents and go up to $10.

Your video’s CPI can be based on the algorithms of YouTube and their own discretion. The CPI your videos will get are based on the prices of the ads played during your videos.

Other factors include the popularity of your channel, your target audience, and the fact that your audience is watching the ads or just skipping them.

How do I start making money?

Most of the vloggers on YouTube are paid well by monetizing their channels with the help of good sponsorships and affiliate links. Making videos and getting paid is a distinct idea.

However, creating engaging and popular content can bring your CPI up because you can’t enter that list of paid folks until you touch the 10k view count.

Make videos about things that are trending and you are sure about people having an opinion over them. Getting an AdSense account is as necessary as making content.

Follow some rules

Always keep checking new rules and regulations formulated by YouTube because these rules are usually made without prior notice.

Your channel needs a minimum count of 1,000 subscribers and about 4,000 hours of previous viewing time in the past year to get you qualified for your first payment.


Be careful of the content you make

YouTube keeps on revising its policies regarding what kind of content you can post on the app. Previously people have violated its content’s policies but now it is different.

Your content is taken down in an instant if you violate the content policies. Make sure your videos do not contain any fraudulent content, violence, hate speech, or offensive words against a person, religion, social class, etc.

Tell everyone to like and subscribe

Whenever you make a video, make sure to end it on a very important note. That would be asking your viewers to like and subscribe. Make it as convincing as you can. This will help you gather a good number.

Work hard to achieve that ideal CPI, make creative and genuine content, and let the money start flowing in! Happy vlogging!

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