Do you love to grow plants in your garden or even in a pot in your room by your window? It is such a synthetically beautiful feeling to get up in the morning and look at some beautiful plants; it is such a healing process to do so.

Plants like all the other living things require certain key variables to grow and to thrive. A person who understands what the essential needs of plants are will be efficient in growing plants. Like moderation is very important in everything in this universe, same goes for these essentials for plants. Anything out of these essentials in access is not good for plants to grow; it can even kill the plant.

Let’s talk about 5 essentials plants need to grow;

  • Irrigation

Water is one of the key essentials for the plants to live and grow. About 80 to 90 percent of the plant tissues are made up of water. Most of this percentage comes from the absorption that plants do from the soil. The nourishment of a plant directly depends on how much moisture the soil has.

If the soil is too dry for the plant and is not being watered well the plant will start becoming dry and will die off eventually. Too much water is not good for the plants to grow. It can wither out the plant. To avoid this it is necessary to let the soil dry out a bit before you water the plant again.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight is another necessity of plants to live. Photosynthesis is the reason why plants need sunlight. Photosynthesis is a natural process in which the plants make their food with the help of sunlight. If the plant does not get enough sunlight they will die off of starvation.

Artificial fluorescent lighting is also used by people now-a-days to grow plants indoor. The plants absorb the light from whatever the light source is and store it in the chloroplasts of their leaves, they later combine this light with water and carbon dioxide to make their food and survive.

  • Nutrients

Like all other living organisms plants also need nutrients to grow and survive. Roots are the stairway from which the nutrients travel up into the plant to make it healthier. The amount of nutrients and the types of nutrients differ according to the species of plants.

Some plants need more amount of nutrients to survive while some can do well with fewer amounts. Mostly plants need potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen from the soil to survive while some other plants might need some additional nutrients to live. Phosphorus helps plants with growing their roots while the nitrogen helps them in growing upwards. However, the potassium helps the plant to develop a strong vascular system in order to circulate all the nutrients, water and food throughout the plant.

  • Air

Air is also an essential part in the growth of plants because it contains carbon dioxide which the pants need to make their food. Air contains other important elements like water vapors and nitrogen. If the plants do not get enough amount of fresh air daily can they wither and then die off.

  • Space

This is something very important to keep in mind while growing a plant. As human beings need some personal space so do plants! Plant a tree at a place where it has enough space to grow.

If a plant which is growing does not have enough space for its leaves and stem to grow upwards and sideways the plant would eventually start to die.  When plants grow too close to each other they fight for the basic necessities like water, sunlight, nutrients etc.

Plants are a beautiful part of our planet. Most people started cutting off trees and plants for their own benefit but they have no idea how much they have harmed this planet. Plants give so much to us and other living things like food, shade, they help stop corrosion, they help stop floods and they make a better ecosystem by providing home for birds etc. let’s grow some trees and plants and let us not cut them down. Happy planting! 🙂

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