Whenever summer comes around we run to the nearest cosmetic or drug store to get sunscreen lotion or creams to protect ourselves from the ultraviolet rays of sun. But what we forget is that sunscreen or sunblock should not be a part of your daily routine only in summers because the sun is also there in the winters.

These ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very harmful and can cause so many skin problems. Sunscreen does the job of saving you from all these skin problems and that is the reason why sunscreen MUST be a part of your daily routine no matter what season or what kind of weather it is!

There are a number of benefits of sunscreens, let’s discuss some below;

1. Protects skin from UV rays

This is the major job sunscreens are made to perform. When you apply sunscreen which contains a good SPF it becomes a shield for your skin against the harmful UV rays of sun. Sunscreen makes a protective layer over your skin and stops all those harmful rays to reach your skin and harm it.

2. Heals sensitive skin

This one is more relevant to the skin of your face. If you have dry or sensitive skin which is acne prone or tends to become hyper-pigmented easily, then you should definitely use a mild, healing sunscreen recommended by your dermatologist. Some people have sensitive skin all over their body; sunscreens can save your skin from becoming even more irritated due to the harsh rays from sun. You can use sunscreen lotions or creams on your body as well with SPF 30 or above.

3. Corrects uneven skin tone

Skin tone becomes uneven when your skin is exposed bare in the sun and the UV light damages the skin. In this way skin produces more melanin than usual which leads to visible dark patches on your skin. To avoid this sunscreen must be worn whenever you have to step out in the sunlight.

4. Stops premature aging

Who does not want a youthful and fresh skin? Definitely we all do! But direct exposure to the sun can bring out fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and as a result skin tends to becomes saggy and wrinkly. This could make you look older than your actual age. To stop this premature aging sunscreen must be a part of your daily routine.

5. Stops risk of cancer

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which is caused due to exposure of bare skin in the aggressive UV light. This skin cancer begins in the cells underneath the skin and can be life threatening. However, sunscreen must be applied daily to see cumulative protection over the months and years.

6. Prevents tanning of skin

Regular exposure to the sun can burn the skin and the skin can appear tan with some visible redness. This tanning can either be caused by the sunburns and in some cases it can again be excessive production of melanin in the skin due to exposure to the direct sunlight. Tanning of skin can be avoided by using sunscreen on your face and body on daily basis.

7. Enhances the skin health

Sunscreens have ingredients which bring out the healthy glow on your skin. When you do not apply your moisturizer and sunscreen daily, skin starts getting irritated and then it converts into skin conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation etc. In order to have healthy skin moisturize your skin well and apply your sunscreen before you step out in the sun.

8. Sunscreens are better than a full-sleeved shirt

This is an interesting one! You might never have noticed it but it is very naïve to think that your full sleeved shirt can save you from UV rays from the sun. No it will not! Even if you wear a white-colored full sleeved shirt the rays still reach your skin and can damage it. Heat and rays are trapped within the enclosed fabric which can still damage or even burn your skin. Sunscreens on the other hand make a protective layer over your skin and as a result these harmful rays cannot reach your skin.

It is very important to understand that using a sunscreen once a day is not enough. Life of a sunscreen layer over your skin is 4 hours at max. Dermatologists even say that sunscreen should be applied after every 2-3 hours on your skin and the process should be repeated throughout the day. 

Remember that the sun is not the only source of UV rays but the lights in our house, workplaces, restaurants etc. also emit these rays. So to tell yourself that ‘Oh I don’t go out in the sun, so I won’t need to apply it’ is something not very wise to do. Now what are you thinking? Get up and go to your nearest drug store/cosmetics store and buy yourself a bottle of this life saver! Happy shopping! 🙂

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