Are you an Olympic fan? Today, let us talk a bit about the latest Olympic Games and latest news we have on this huge event. Okay so! the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games 2020 were meant to be held in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2020, but unfortunately the world was faced by a global pandemic. Due to the pandemic the conditions were not favorable enough to hold a huge public gathering from around the world. This being the reason Tokyo Olympics were postponed till the year 2021.

 Now that it is year 2021, July and August is the time of the year when these Games are being rescheduled. Tokyo Olympics 2021 are being rescheduled in the year 2021 but officially the name which was kept for these Olympic Games is still Tokyo Olympics 2020. Olympics are to be held from July 23d and the Paralympics will be held on August 24th 2021.

Japan is taking this event very seriously but there are two types of perspectives floating around, about these games. One is that this event will be showing the best of Japan in the world and the best what Japan can spend on this event. However the other one is the unrest in public due to this event being held despite the worldwide pandemic.

Public of Japan is against the idea of Tokyo Olympics 2020 and they want it postponed even further because of covid-19. Athletes travel from all around the world for this event as well as the spectators who love to see these sports and want to be a part of this event. It is very reasonable of the people of Japan to worry about the huge incoming traffic from all over the globe during this pandemic. This puts people of Japan as well as the people who are going to attend this event, either the athletes or the spectators at a high risk of falling victim to the resurgent coronavirus.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in his New Year’s message said the games “symbolize the unity of the world”. Suga further added that “we will advance our preparations thoroughly so as to achieve games that are safe and secure”. The question here which arises in every average brain is that how can someone possibly make the games safe and secure when you know that the crowd is basically travelling from all around the globe? Not to mention that Japan itself is not Covid-free.

Suga announced that there will still be a Tokyo Olympics 2020 and that they are not giving up on the chance to represent themselves in front of the world but then he himself declared a state of emergency in Tokyo on Jan 7th. The reason for declaring this emergency in Tokyo on 7th January was the spike in the covid-19 cases. Suga urged people to work from home and avoid unnecessary travelling when on January 15th he added seven more prefectures who covered about half of the population of the country. This was the pressure from different regions and their leaders that Suga made this decision. Restaurants and bars are also to be closed by 8 pm in Tokyo after the declaration of state of emergency.

Governor of Tokyo Koike Yuriko is also a huge supporter of the Tokyo Olympics because she wants to show off her city’s industrial and technological potential and through Tokyo Olympics she wants to attract international investors. Koike highlighted that all 5,000 medals for the Tokyo Olympics are a product of urban mining from millions of gadgets and high-tech junk that the people donated from all over the country.

People who love the Olympic Games from around the globe are praying that a further delay is fine than the cancellation of the games because that is also a news we are hearing from Japan. If the games could be shifted ahead till the end of the pandemic we could enjoy a risk free Olympics like everyone wanted. Till the final news comes out, maybe you can go watch highlights from the previous Olympic Games? Happy watching! 🙂

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