South Korean boyband and global sensation BTS never stops to amaze us and seems like they have no plans to do so anytime soon! Seven member boyband BTS was named “entertainer of the year 2020” on Dec. 10th  by TIME magazine via their Instagram profile and BTS fan base known as ARMY could not be more proud!


BTS has been nominated for seven American Music Awards so far. They took home all of these awards with the help of love and support of their fans from all around the globe. Among these awards were four Billboard Music Awards which they won consecutively.

But it doesn’t stop here! BTS was nominated last month for the category of best pop group/duo for the next year’s Grammy Awards for their hit song “Dynamite”! In 2021 Grammys they will be competing against J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Tainy and Dua Lipa for “Un Dia”, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for “Rain on Me”, Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver for “Exile” and Justin Bieber ft. Quavo for “Intentions”.

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Raisa Bruner from TIME magazine wrote about BTS that the boys are not only just the biggest name on the charts but they are the biggest boyband in the world! She added that they have released multiple music albums, they broke every record that there is, did all those amazing livestreams in year 2020 and by doing all that they are now sitting at the top of the ladder of pop stardom. She wrote how they deserve all of this fame because they achieved all of this in a year of setbacks when the whole world was paused due to the pandemic.

BTS is a name you would see trending on google and twitter on daily basis because this is how devoted their fans are towards showing them love and support. Last week Twitter said that

“BTS continues to reign as the most tweeted about musicians in the US, for the fourth year in a row”.

This is a huge achievement for a boyband which has been in the scene since only 8 years and what’s remarkable is that their fame keeps growing and growing!


Their influence has no limit honestly because if you all know a bit about South Korea you guys would know how it is a law in South Korea that all abled men between the ages of 18 to 28 must serve in the national military for about two years.

However, looking at how successful BTS is, the lawmakers passed a bill named BTS Bill which would allow the boys to defer the military service till the age of 30. Other than BTS, the artists who will be recommended by the South Korean ministry of culture will also be able to enjoy this privilege.


One of the members of BTS, Suga sat down with Raisa Bruner on how successful the group internationally is and he stated;

“There are times when I’m still taken aback by all the unimaginable things that are happening, but then I ask myself, who is going to do this if not us?”

They keep touching the skies of success one after the other. Coming from South Korea and scoring those landmarks in an industry like the US where there is so much competition and at some point there was no acceptance for the artists from outside the US it is amazing how they have fought the resistance and the language barrier and made their space within the ranks and now are seated at the very front row!


Bagging all those awards in the US, TIME recognizing their fame, their Grammy nomination, how they are trending globally on google and twitter every other day and how their single Dynamite was ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts this summer is remarkable in every aspect!

What’s the most interesting bit is that THEY MAKE A 0.3% OF THE GDP OF THE COUNTRY which is $4.65 billion (how cool is that?!) and 10% of the tourists who visit South Korea claim that they are visiting because of BTS. If we say that at this moment BTS is the face of South Korea in the world, it would not be wrong so Happy Listening to the biggest boyband in the world! 🙂

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  1. Loved the article. And Ofc they’re making history one after another because of the hard work and not losing hope.

    1. Thank you for the read Alicia! and sure that is the reason why they are known as the biggest boy band in the world!

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