Every year on December 31st the whole world has its eyes fixed on the ever beautiful Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball. As the clock gradually moves towards striking 12, everyone in the crowd stops doing what they are doing and start counting down as the New Year’s Ball drops.

With every year that passes by and every year that is about to come, hope for a better year ahead is even bigger, the celebrations of the beginning of the year are more festive and the will in the eyes of every person standing in that crowd, to face every challenge that the New Year throws at them is even stronger.

New Year is supposed to bring hope, happiness, challenges, dreams and changes in our lives. But sometimes the years that come also brings us sorrows, hardships, losses and sacrifices. 2020 was also one of those years. Humanity faces one of the biggest challenges that have ever existed. This challenge was named as Covid-19 by the WHO.

The virus took so many lives from us; our family and friends. The whole world is in a state of grievance and constant lock down at the moment. This virus has left us so lonely and cut off of the world than we ever were. I guess the biggest suffering of humanity in this crisis after losing their loved ones was to not be able to see their loved ones for a whole year just for the sake of safety of both sides. But as they say;

“There will be sunshine after the rain”

Humanity should not lose hope because science and technology is a gift from the greatest of human minds to the whole world in such tough times. When we cannot go and personally see our family and friends, we can still use technology to stay connected to them and see them virtually. These are the blessings humans did not have in the past times.

New Year Celebrations are the most festive celebrations of the whole year in New York.  Tourists visit New York at the end of every year from all over the world just to witness these New Year celebrations. For people around the world this is not just a celebration, it has become a global tradition.

Sadly this year brought along a global pandemic due to which humans tend to follow some precautions, which has social distancing on top of the list. So Covid-19 pandemic being the reason, Times Square New Year Celebrations will not be open for public. Live performances by artists will happen and the celebrations will be take place but all of this will be virtual.

You can enjoy these New Year celebrations from the comfort of your own room because the Times Square official website says

“Celebrate with us virtually in an enhanced celebration that will bring Times Square and the Ball Drop to you no matter where you are!”

So you have got nothing to worry about. And besides, safety comes first! So sit down with your family, grab some popcorn and enjoy these New Year celebrations with a hope that the year ahead washes away all of the sufferings we went through this year. Happy New Year! 🙂

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