What do you feel when you look at the sky? How does it feel to sit on a beach and stare at the sea? It gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility. This is how blue color makes you feel. It is a color which gives a soothing feeling to your eyes and stands for some other great things. Let us explore the color psychology of this color and what does it actually stands for;

Psychological traits

Here are some of the most frequent psychological observations about blue color;

  • Mostly men wear blue color more frequently.
  • Wearing blue can lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Blue color denotes reliability so businesses usually go with a blue colored theme.
  • It is considered as a non-intimidating color..
  • Psychology says that eating out of a blue plate can help you lose weight.

blue color

 Personality traits associated with this color

Psychology says people who wear blue color have very cool-minded personalities. They have a capacity of holding in their anger. They have a broad vision and mostly become leaders in their life. People who prefer blue over other colors have very hardworking and non-intimidating personalities. 


As we know that it is the color of sky and the sea. You must have noticed how both of these creations of nature make you feel at peace. Whenever you look into the blue sky sitting by yourself or you look into the distant waters while watching the sunset on a beach you always feel how your heart is filled with calmness and tranquility.


Blue is the color of sincerity. According to psychology people who prefer blue color over other colors are sincere to their relationships, be it their love life or with their family. Blue also denotes the heavens and spirituality.


You must have noticed how most company offices have a blue-colored theme and a blue interior décor. Well different researches from psychology say that blue color acts as a motivating element for people who work. This is why most offices have a blue colored interior to enhance the productivity and working spirit in their employees.

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Helps in weight-loss

Psychology says that eating out of a blue plate can help you lose weight. As crazy as this might sound it actually makes sense when you think how there are barely any blue colored foods other than blueberries. Blue colored food is usually spoiled food. In all the movies and TV shows poison is always blue in color . This is how psychology says if there is blue colored included somehow in your eating routine you might eat less and eventually lose some weight.

Now you know which color you need to wear or even look at when you are stressed out. You also know which people can be real keepers and whom to rely on. Of course the people who wear blue! Jokes apart, this must not be the case every time so be very vigilant. Happy living!





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