Science says that planet earth faces a viral outbreak after every 2-3 decade. Sometimes it spreads on a smaller scale and other times it is out of control for number of years until it is contained. Sometimes humans are successful to eradicate it like smallpox and other times they fail, like in the case of flu or influenza. This is how the virus sustains its place on this planet.

What will a vaccine do against Covid-19?

When a virus strikes the human race, humans always take precautionary measures but they also try and bring forth scientific ways which can eradicate the disease from the very root like they did with smallpox.

A vaccine is one of the products of science which teaches the body how to detect and fight a virus like SARS-CoV-2. Vaccines are made to reduce the chance of a person getting attacked by a virus. Vaccines boost up our immune system by imitating a viral/bacterial attack and making the body think that it has to fight the infection. Due to which the immune system picks up pace and fights against the virus.

Vaccines do imitate an infection but they do not cause ailment. They are made after years of experimentation and failed attempts which is currently the case with Covid-19 vaccines while the world waits for a cure.

Covid-19 Vaccines:

Clinical trials for 50 candidate vaccines are being carried out at this moment all around the world. However, 150 vaccines are in preclinical development and are being tested on animal or in laboratories.

Some vaccines in China and Russia were given approvals before their 3rd trials and the world is worried because of safety concerns. This can damage public’s faith in the approved vaccines as well and they might lose hope against the virus.

Some of the vaccines which have either been declared good to go or are banned mentioned below;

  • Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine:  This vaccine is the biggest breakthrough in the fight against this deadly virus. About 45,000 people have taken this and no one has shown any safety concerns. It shows 95% effectiveness against the virus. It is given in two doses. The second dose is to be taken after three weeks of the first dose.
  • Moderna Vaccine: This vaccine is 94.5% affective against the virus. 40,000 people are involved in the trials of this vaccine. This vaccine is supposed to be given in two doses. The second dose is to be given after three weeks of the first dose.
  • Oxford University/ AstraZeneca Vaccine: More than 30,000 volunteers are participating for the trials of this vaccine. It also claims to be 95% effective. This one is also given in two doses. It shows a 70% of defensive mechanism against the virus.
  • Sputnik V Vaccine: This one works like AstraZeneca Vaccine. It’s a Russian Vaccine and claims to be 92% efficient against the virus.
  • Sinovac Vaccine: This vaccine was tested in Brazil and was suspended right away after a severe adverse effect. This was later believed to be a volunteer’s death.

Who gets the vaccines first?

Developed countries like the US and UK who can afford to run the researches and do the trials will definitely be providing the vaccines for their own people first and then they will start providing it to the rest of the world.

So if you’d ask when would the vaccine reach every country of the world? I would say it will take some time. Maybe, till the end of 2021. Logically the vaccine should reach the country with the most Covid-19 cases first. This way the virus is more likely to be contained.

How will the vaccine be transported?

Vaccine is to be transported from one country to another via planes. 5,000 doses will be kept in special dry ice packs. The country which received this vaccine can store it in a freezer farm at up to -70 degrees.

If the special dry ice pack is not opened the dose has 10 days to reach its destination and once it has reached its destination it can be kept for 5 days in a fridge between 2C to 8C. 

Will the vaccine work in the same way for every age group?

Doctors say the vaccines do not work very efficiently in the older group of people as it is known that older people have weak immune system as compared to the younger group. Same goes for the Covid-19 vaccines. However, some countries are giving vaccines to the elder group before the younger ones just in case they could save some lives because the younger group has a stronger immunity as it is to fight against the virus.

There was a time in history when it would take decades of research, experimentation and trials to make a vaccine against the outbreaks that humans faced. Now with the wealthy countries of the world standing first in line, the process of research is so fast paced and effective. At this point in time, Covid-19 vaccines are coming in the market with a record breaking pace.

As traumatic as last year has been, the strongest weapon humans have always had against anything that drains them out of life, is hope. They say hope is a fool’s paradise but what is life without hope? All the lives lost in this fight against this pandemic are the people who died fighting for life. So for all of these souls, hope needs to be held tight.

 Let us keep taking the precautionary measures until this is over and unless we all got our vaccination done stay home and stay safe. Cheer up everyone, Netflix and quarantine! We are almost there! 🙂

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