Have you ever wondered about the worlds other than our world which exist in the same universe? About the planets other than our planet on which colonies of living organisms exist? Of course you have! But! Have you ever thought about the worlds which exist within our world?

There is a whole world which exists in the oceans on this planet! There is nothing as fascinating and beautiful in the universe than the creations of Mother Nature in the oceans. Oceans have always been the focus of the explorers for decades now.

 There have been so many unique discoveries which no one knew before. Do you know that some of these creatures are as big as 3 school buses combined?! Let us discuss today about the biggest animals living in the oceans around the world!

  • The Antarctic Blue Whale

The Antarctic Blue Whale is the biggest known animal on the land and in water. This shark is as heavy as 33 ELEPHANTS! It is 110 feet long and weighs about 400,000 pounds making it the biggest animal on the planet.

  • The Fin Whale

The Fin Whales are the second biggest creatures in the oceans. They are also known as the “Greyhounds of the Sea” because of their size. They weigh about 80 tons and are 88 feet in length. They can move as fast as 45 kph. These slender species of whales can eat almost 2000 kg of krill every day!

  • The Giant Oarfish

The longest known living species of bony fish is Giant Oarfish. Their length is about 56 feet and can weigh up to 270 kg. Many people have tried to eat this bony fish but its texture is too gooey and flabby to be eaten.

  • The Sperm Whale

Sperm whales are the largest toothed whales in the world. They are known as the largest toothed predator of the land and sea. They are called “sperm whale” because of the waxy substance on their heads called “spermaceti” which was used in candles and oil lamps. One third of their body is their head which is why they are famous for their huge heads. They are 52 feet long and weigh about 57,000 kg.

  • The Whale Shark

The whale sharks are the largest extant fish species. They have huge bodies but they move very slowly and this is why they known as the “gentle giants”. They have an average length of 40 feet and an adult weighs about 19,000kg. The whale sharks are the largest filter feeding animals under the ocean.

  • The Killer Whale

The killer whales are also known as the “orca” and are a species of toothed predators which belong to the family of oceanic dolphins. They have a speed of 56 km/h. The orcas are the apex predators which means they are at the top of their food chain and they feed on fish and squid. They sometimes eat sea birds and seals and will sometimes hunt whale species which are bigger than themselves. They are about 32 feet in length and weigh about 2,700-5,400 kg.

  • Giant Manta Rays

The Giant Manta Rays are the largest type of ray in the entire world. It normally lives in the tropical and subtropical waters. An adult manta ray can weigh up to 1,600 kg and their length is around 23 feet. Rays are usually famous for the sting they have in their tail, like in the stingrays, but the mantas do not have a sting in them so yes it’s huge but it won’t kill you!

  • The Great White Shark

The 15 feet long Great White Sharks are also known as “the white pointer”! This is a species of huge mackerel sharks. These sharks are found in the waters of coastal surfaces of all the oceans. This specie of sharks is going extinct with a very rapid speed and at this point only 3,500 white pointers are left in the world. An average great white shark weighs about 1100 kg.

  • Japanese Spider Crab

Do you also feel your skin crawl as soon as you hear to the word “spider”?? BECAUSE SAME! But this one right here is a CRAB so nothing to worry about! So these Japanese Spider Crabs are basically a species of water crabs which lives in the waters near Japan. These crabs have the largest legs in all of the arthropods which are almost 13 feet from one end to the other. Japanese Spider crabs can live for a 100 years. These hideous looking huge crabs go through 3 larval stages to become that huge.

  • The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, also known as the Giant Jellyfish is one of the largest known jellyfish in the world. Lion’s mane jellyfish can sting humans, it can be pretty painfull but it is rarely fatal.  Giant Jellyfish are called Lion’s mane jellyfish because they have a lion’s mane like orange structure with about 150 tentacles flowing in water. This jellyfish is 6.5 feet long.

The underwater world is very fascinating as it a whole new world for the inhabitants of the land. Are you planning to leave for a travel spree as soon as the pandemic is one for good? Okay so in the mean while let’s Google some of the best beaches in the world, shall we? Happy Google-ing! 🙂

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