The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil’s triangle is an area which marks between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. This is the place on earth where planes and ships carrying people inside them have disappeared very often without a trace. We don’t know what to call it, disappearances in thin air or maybe deep waters.

In 1964 the writer Vincent Gaddis was the first person to name this region Bermuda Triangle in the men’s pulp magazine Argosy. Even though this term was first introduced by Vincent, it gained more fame through a 1974 bestselling book by the name “The Bermuda Triangle” by another writer named Charles Berlitz.

Berlitz believed in paranormal more than facts. He had a strong belief that Atlantis actually exists and is somehow interlinked with the Bermuda Triangle. The mysteries of this region have since been promoted through books, newspapers, tabloids, magazines, TV shows and different websites.

bermuda triangle

A number of crazy theories

There have been a number of theories about this region proposed by different writers in their books. Some have supported the idea of Berlitz. They stated that Atlantis city actually exists at the base of the deep sea in that region. They also added that the Atlantis is using the power of their crystal energy they have been pulling the ships and plane into their city.

Some of the even fancier theories suggest that this area has some sort of a glitch in the matrix. They claim a rift has opened in the space-time fabric of this universe. These theorists claim that the ships and planes which have gone missing have travelled through another dimension through this space-time travel portal.

And then comes the craziest theory of all. This theory states that there are actual alien bases at the depth of this region! These theorists believe that while these ships were sailing in the waters of Bermuda Triangle and the planes flew over, they were abducted by the aliens. It is because humans invaded their territory and the aliens did not like it (happens everyday, right?).

Some of the people mostly scientists and researchers make some sense. They state that there is a geological phenomenon which is the reason for all of this mystery in this region. Scientists say this phenomenon might not be known to mankind yet. And even if it is, it might be known too little to understand what exactly happened with the disappeared planes and ships.

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Some questions which should be asked

Like every other sensible critic, we should always basic questions. One of the most basic questions in this case needs to be asked. It would be asking someone to explain the mysteries instead of just believing them.

Larry Kusche, a journalist asked exactly the same question while he was writing his book named “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved”. After all his research he came to a shocking answer. Where he said there is no mystery in the case of Bermuda Triangle.

Kusche in his book said that all the news stories about the “mysterious disappearances” were mostly fabricated and a result of mystery mongering. He said the writers who have written on this topic in the past have barely done any real research. Kusche further stated that the writers from the past have only repeated and copied what writers before them had written.

Sadly, Berlitz’s book is not considered as a credible research. That book on paranormal and Bermuda Triangle was declared riddled with errors unscientific crank theories and mistakes by the researchers.

bermuda triangle

Kusche stated in his book that when he thoroughly did some research on the mysterious disappearances he found no truth in it. He said in some cases there was no record of the ships and planes lost in the Bermuda Triangle, the never even existed outside of a writer’s imagination. In other cases where the ships and planes were real, they mysteriously disappeared due to really bad storms. Then there were some cases in which the vessels sank far outside the Bermuda Triangle.


As a conclusion we can say that the Bermuda triangle was a creations of Berlitz’s mistakes and delusions.  Kusche stated in his book that Berlitz’s beliefs were so bogus and sloppy. He said that “If Berlitz were to report that a boat were red, the chance of it being some other color is almost a certainty”. If you agree with what Kusche stated, that’s fair enough. However, if you don’t, keep exploring!



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