Trees are one of the nature’s best creations because they are nothing but giving to all other creations. There is a lot which trees offer like they provide humans, animals and birds with food, shelter and they are the biggest oxygen manufacturing factories on planet. Moreover, trees provide safety from natural calamities like flood because they act as a barrier in the way of the flood water and hold the soil tight in its place in order to avoid erosion.

As far as the sizes of trees are concerned, trees can grow really tall and wide. There are a lot of trees in the world which are actually taller than 300 feet! These giants belong from different species of plants. Mentioned below are some of these huge trees;

Hyperion (380.1 feet)

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Hyperion, a coast redwood was discovered in 2006 and was called the grandparent of all the tall trees because of its height. It is so tall that the top of this tree cannot be seen! It is 380.1 feet tall and is living in an unknown location at the Redwood National Park, California. This National Park has a lot of other tall specimen too.

Centurion (327.5 feet)

Euclyptus Regnans is one of the tallest tree species in the world and Centurion is the tallest tree amongst this tallest tree species. This tree is 327.5 feet tall and is present in Arve Valley, Tasmania, Australia. This tree is as sassy as you because it has its own Facebook page!

Doerner Fir (327 feet)

Deorner Fir is in a very close competition with the second tallest tree in the world because this one is 327 feet tall and is just 0.5 feet shorter than the second tallest tree in the world. It is a Coastal Douglas Fir and is present in the east side of the Coos County in Oregon.

Raven’s Tower (317 feet)

This tree is a Sitka spruce and is standing somewhere in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park but the exact location of this tree is also unknown. This tree is as tall as 317 feet. Other famous giant trees from the same State Park are Corkscrew Redwood, Big tree and Cathedral tree.

Giant Sequoia (314 feet)

General-Sherman-tree-giant-sequoia-world-Sequoia.jpg (1600×1063)

This tree is unnamed but is from the specie of Giant Sequoia. It is 314 feet tall and is standing tall in the California’s Sequoia National Forest. Sequoias have HUGE girth and this is what sets them apart from other species of plants. World’s largest tree is also a Giant Sequoia which is known as General Sherman having a diameter of 52,508 cubic feet!

Yellow Meranti (309 feet)

Yellow Meranti is a shorea faguetiana living in Danum Valley Conservation Area in Sabah on the Borneo Island. This tree is 309 feet tall. This tree has a same height sibling living in Malaysia which is also very famous.

White Knite (301 feet)

This tree belongs to a group of huge manna gum trees, these trees have lived in the Evercreech Forest Reserve, Tasmania, Australia, for more than 300 years. Tasmania has very suitable conditions for the growth of these Eucalyptus trees.

This was some information on the tallest trees, as we know of, from all over the planet. If you love to plant trees and see them grow tall, do so, and provide them with a good airy environment to grow in, a proper space to flourish, water them and plant them at a place where they can get enough sunlight to make their food. Happy planting! 🙂


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