“Asian” is a word which should have been used for people who are diverse in races and ethnicity and have their own differences but these differences are lost somehow along the way, by their association and inclusion in this one term i.e. “Asians”.

“Asians” is actually a category which includes more than 50 ethnicities and has a huge diversity of factors like political, socio-economic, cultural and linguistic identities. There are tons of judgements and misconceptions about Asians in the whole world but the craziest ones still exist in the West. Here are some of the crazy stereotypes about Asians in the West;

  • If you are an Asian in the West it means you are filthy rich

Have you heard about the term “Filthy Rich Asians”? Well this is exactly where it comes from. There was a whole movie made out of this stereotype named as “Crazy Rich Asians” which came out in 2018.

Everyone in the West has this bizarre assumption that an Asian who lives in the west is somehow very rich, but that is not true because some of us Asians who are living in the West afford what we afford by doing hectic jobs and have gotten where we are now with our own hard work not because of the money our parents had.

  • Asians are not very athletic and bad at physical activities

This stereotype also exists mostly in the educational institutions in the West that the Asians are not very athletic and this is why they are bad at physical activities and different sports.

Whereas, we have seen some great Asian sportsmen and sportswomen in the history be it boxer Manny Pacquiao from Philippines, Cricketer Kumar Sangakkara from Sri Lanka or baseball star Hyun Jin Ryu and the list goes on. Asian kids like kids from all other ethnicities are trained in their educational institutions in different games which they later play even on national levels.

  • If you are an Asian you are supposed to be good at mathematics

Now apparently, this one would sound like a compliment, but trust me it’s not! This stereotype would be one of the most common ones. It is highly expected of you to have an amazing IQ level and be great with calculations!

This stereotype or I must say this expectation has pressurized Asian students for decades now in their educational institutions and even in their families due to the pressure of always scoring great in their studies. Trust me not all of us are that smart!

  • East Asians who obey the orders well

There is a stereotype about the East Asians that they are very hard-working employees. They do not complain and abide by the orders really well and this is why East Asians should be hired as employees.

A lot of big companies like Google, Apple Inc. etc. hire many East Asians and Asians in general because they are very smart and do their jobs well which is a good thing. We can say this stereotype is not that bad.

  • The Asian Baby Girl who loves to party (ABG)

This stereotype emerged in 2010s and it lives ever since. According to this stereotype rich and young Asian women do not work and are not career oriented. In fact, they only know how to party, do some shopping and be a part of sexual activities.

The West must not know that yes the Asian women love some shopping but they work hard to earn the money to do that! Asian young women work very hard to get their education and then work their jobs since they have to make ends meet for them and for their families and even save for their weddings. Not every woman in their mid-20s to mid-30s was born in a filthy rich household!

  • The Covid-19 stereotypes

In the start of year 2020 when the Covid-19 started spreading all over the world really rapidly people started doubting Asians for the outbreak of this disease. Since it started from China, Chinese people living in the West had to face a really hard time because of all the stereotypes against them.

In February 2020, two motels refused to give rooms to two Hmong men just because “they looked like Chinese”. This issue was later raised on the social media by Asian American celebrities and social activists to stop this discrimination.

  • Women being subordinate to men

The west has this misconception about the Asian women that they are subordinates of their men, they live their life according to the orders of the men of the house which would be their fathers or brothers before they marry and their husbands after they get married.

But in reality, women from all over Asia go to colleges and universities and get higher education, then do amazing jobs and support their families. They are independent in making their own life choices and are not treated as subordinates to men.

Asians are some really amazing people on this planet, who are capable of amazing things. But they are not the only group of ethnicities with misjudgments or stereotypes against them, there are a lot of ethnicities who go through the same thing on a daily basis. Let us study about each other’s cultures and ethnicities and respect one another in every way possible. Let us live and let live. Happy living! 🙂

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