Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition might be the sexiest phone out there! It is so stylish and supreme with all of its accessories which come in its box. And this could be the reason we can say the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition is not just a phone!

This special edition comes within a huge leather box designed as a drawer which does not only carry the phone but it also contains a very smart Galaxy Watch Active2 smartwatch, 2 extra straps for the watch and a pair of advanced Galaxy buds+. However! The best part about the whole things is that even the smallest details scream “sexy”!

The phone has a grey background and has three stripes going from down below to the back of the device which are black, white and red. The 3 colors pop out on the grey background so gracefully! If the device is turned on an animated version of the stripes is also downloaded as the background.

The Galaxy Active2 smartwatch also has the same striped design on its straps. The black dial looks beautiful between these color straps. The galaxy buds+ also have the same design on the middle of the box which they come in. Both the earbuds also carry the same signature stripes on each of them. The drawer shaped box has a separate drawer at the bottom, when you open it, you’ll have the leather case and the extra strap in it.

Let us discuss some pros and cons of this device down below:

  • PROS:
  • Overall phone market has been so boring since decades now. Phones with same design and working have been coming up for so so many years now and we haven’t seen a single innovation in a very long time. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition is just what we needed in these times! And because of its style it can easily be called the prettiest phone ever! While it isn’t short on the performance as well! So if you have got the capacity to buy a stylish yet upgraded tech, go for it!
  • This phone is very much fun to use with its amoled screen of 6.7 inches and it also has a 1-1-inch screen in the front for the notifications. The Z Flip is so much fun to fold and unfold. There is a fingerprint scanner and a number of cameras on this phone. When folded it feels more like a phone while when it is unfolded it feels like a tablet!
  • This might be one of the best phones out there for gaming! It makes video gaming so smooth because it has a powerful Qualcomm 855 chip and a RAM of 8GB inside. Just flip it out into a tablet and play your video games. You can also attach some Bluetooth devices to it for gaming.
  • The Z Flip is the main attraction in the box but there is also a smartwatch which comes within the box. The Galaxy Watch Active2 is a great smartwatch which has offline Spotify storage and an automatic tracking for your workouts. Samsung really wants you to wear this in your casual as well as official settings as the watch has a leather strap which is black in color, very classy! But it also has the same Thom Browne design on its inside!
  • The new Galaxy earbuds+ which come with this phone are really the improved version since Samsung introduced the Samsung Echo Buds. There is a premium feel to these buds because of the grey color and the Thom Browne stripe on the pair. The battery life for the buds is better than the earlier models and the sound is good too. The touch buttons also work nicely.
  • It has 256GB storage, no card slot, while it offers a front camera of 10MP and a rear camera of 12 MP. It also has a 3300mAh battery which is not detachable. This phone weighs around 183g.
  • CONS:
  • The price of this phone is $3,299 which is 2 times some of the other great phones in the market. Only 5,000 articles of this luxurious phone are being sold out worldwide.
  • This phone is NOT WATERPROOF! So be careful of this pricey item when you are near water.
  • The crease can still be felt and seen on the phone when it is unfolded.
  • This device has only one speaker at its bottom and so its sound tech can be improved a bit.
  • Charging this device to its fullest takes longer than most other devices.

These were some of the specifications, some pros and cons of this beautiful gadget. Now as I mentioned that there are very limited articles of this gadget being sold out by Samsung worldwide, IF you are planning to buy one, you better hurry! Happy shopping! 🙂

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