Have you ever wondered why do you feel more thirsty in the summer season as compared to the winter season? Well, it is because our body is losing a lot of water in many ways and the most common reasons is the dehydration which happens due the excessive amount of moisture which a human body loses via heavy sweating in summer season.

In summer season, an average human body loses a lot of its water component because whatever physical exercise you are doing, your body keeps sweating. Even if it is a simple task such as walking. This is why a human body becomes easily dehydrated in the summer season. This is also the reason why doctors suggest drinking more water in the summer season to avoid dehydration. Let us have a look at why you should drink more water in summer season than usual;

Treats dehydration

First and foremost reason of why you should be drinking more water in summers is to treat your dehydration. There are so many ways through which a human body loses its moisture in the summer season. Sweating is the major reason which causes dehydration in the body. But other than this, even when you are just walking in the sun, your body releases water vapors which are a large sum of water leaving your body. When you don’t drink much water and your body keeps losing it, you can be very dehydrated.

People do not take dehydration very seriously but it is a fact stated by many researchers that when a person is severely dehydrated for 3 days, their organs start failing one after the other, until the person dies. This is why more intake of water in summers should be maintained.

Treats headaches

When a human body is dehydrated, the brain tends to shrink down and contract because of the fluid loss. This causes the brain to detach from the skull. It results in a headache. But when you drink water and keep yourself hydrated, the brain plumps up once again and the headache goes away. These types of headaches are known as dehydration headaches. In most cases drinking two or three glasses of water between breaks, can get rid of this pinching headache for you.

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Helps lose fat

When people are on a diet in order to lose their weight they focus only on what to eat and not what to drink. Most people do not have a good water intake in winters so they can do that in summers and lose some weight. Because most of us don’t know the fact that water is the most effective fluid you can take to shed some of those pounds.

Drinking water can boost your metabolism and as a result whatever you eat will digest quickly. This is how the food you eat will not convert into fats and sit in your system. More intake of water can also make you feel full, restraining you from overeating. Researchers say that to lose weight women should drink almost 2.7 liters of water a day while men should consume 3.7 liters of water a day to get good results.

Gives you a glowing skin

Summers bring along a lot of skin problems. People suffering with oily skin tend to have an even more oily skin in the summer season. However people with the dry skin get an even drier skin because of the excessive contact with water in summers. While on the other hand, the people who have a combination skin suffer from all sorts of problems. All the sweating in the summers does not help a bit either!


Drinking more water in the summers can give you a healthy skin. Your pores can get clogged due to excessive amount of sweating and sebum production. This can cause problems like acne and discoloration of skin. If your water intake is high, you will have a lot of these waste materials and bacteria wash away from your skin.

Prevents sunburns

When your bare skin is exposed into the sun in the summers, it usually gets sunburnt. The reason for these sunburns is excessive heat and the UV rays from the sun. Sunburns tend to draw all the fluids from the body to the surface of skin and away from the rest of the organs. If you are drinking extra water in summers, it will prevent sunburns and save you from dehydration.

Summer season is here which is why your body needs to be prepared for all the heat it is going to take when you are exposed to the sun. To do that, use your sunscreens when you step out and drink lots of water! Happy summers! 🙂








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