The curious case of Pan American Flight 914 is very famous among the UFO blogs and conspiracy minded websites. This mysterious case involves an American plane which took off from New York in 1955, with 57 passengers aboard and disappeared in thin air. Then this same flight landed after 37 years in Caracas. Just like that! The mystery of this case is till date unsolved. Let’s see how the story goes.

Story stated by the Weekly World News:

This plane which took off from the New York airport in 1955 and disappeared. It remained a mystery for about 37 years. Later in 1992, one sunny day the air-traffic controller Juan da la Corte was on his duty. He noticed the radar caught an incoming plane.

When he checked which plane it was, he was shocked to know that this plane was not scheduled to land on the Caracas airport. When Mr. Juan contacted the pilot from the tower and asked him about his flight and from where he flew down to this airport because he thought that the plane was making some kind of emergency landing.


The pilot replied that they are flying in from New York. He said they were supposed to land by 10 in the morning on a supposed date and the year he mentioned was 1955. When the control tower heard this they could not believe their ears and contacted the emergency department.

They called a few doctors and ambulances so that the 57 passengers aboard would be safe. The whole thing at this point looked bizarre and unbelievable to them.

The plane landed safely on the Caracas airport. As soon as the pilot noticed the incoming ambulances he started yelling. He told them to stay away and the last thing he uttered before he took off was “don’t come close, we are leaving”.

This is how Pan American flight 914 took off as soon as they resurfaced after 37 years. The plane was visible in the sky for some time and then it just disappeared in thin air. The tabloid stated that the plane was never seen again.

How does this story sound bogus?

There are a number of different theories about this flight, as where did it go. The one which is most famous is the one which says that the plane went through some sort of a time-travel portal. But let us look at some known facts;

The story about the disappearance of this plane was first published in a tabloid called Weekly World News. This tabloid was very well known for publishing the most bizarre and fictitious stories.

Weekly World News again published the same story in 1993 and 1999. The air-traffic controller Juan de la Corte, who came in contact with the captain of the plane when it landed were two different people in these two versions of the story.


The illustrations used in these two versions of the same story were also different. Illustration of the plane which was added to both of the stories was not a Pan Am flight 914. The plane which was illustrated in the story was actually a DC-4 plane Circa 1935.

Lastly, when the critics actually looked into the archives of the Weekly World News they could not find any record of a disappearance of a Pan American aircraft in 1955. All of these small details explain how bogus this fiction really is. People at Weekly World News must have been really obsessed with the Sci-fi genre of entertainment back in the day! Anyways, this was our take on this story, you can always agree to disagree! Happy exploring!


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