Do you know the ultimate definition of love? It’s “Ice-cream”! I mean, who does not love ice cream? And the only time we dislike it (or might hate it) when it if flavored as what is mentioned below! If you see an ice-cream parlor which serves these flavors, stay away as much as you can because this is flat out inexcusable!

There are lots and lots of basic yet great ice-cream flavors in the world which everyone loves BUT the problems started arising when the humans started to get a little too creative with ice-cream flavors and came up with some of the most disgusting flavored ice-creams ever! Let me warn you about some of these flavors below:

  • Horse-meat ice-cream

Uh- a meat flavored ice-cream? On top of that, the meat belongs to a HORSE?! HELL NO. I guess I’ll excuse myself from eating a horse-flavored ANYTHING! And so should you!

  • Octopus flavored ice-cream

Octopus can be eaten cooked, in a soup, half cooked or is even eaten raw in some parts of the world but the only questionable form of eating an octopus is in the form of an ice-cream.

  • Fish and chip gelato

Well everyone loves fish and chips, especially in winters, having some warm fish and chips can be so delightful in a cold weather. But have you ever thought of eating an ice-cream flavored as fish and chip. Well I guess I’ll pass but if you want to try you can try a fish and chip flavored gelato in Australia!

  • Chicken wing ice-cream

Chicken even if it is cooked, steamed, oil-fried, air-fried, barbecued, be it in any form, it is love and a joy to one’s taste buds! But! What’s worrisome is a chicken wing flavored ice-cream. Would you like to try this one?

  • Garlic flavored ice-cream

This one sounds quite problematic! Garlic has such a strong flavor and smell, it also tastes bitter. How would a garlic flavored ice-cream actually taste? Would it have the same taste and smell?

  • Charcoal ice-cream

You must have heard that charcoal is really good at taking off stains off of different surfaces, is used to barbecue meat over it, is used in toothpastes etc. but have you ever heard about a charcoal flavored ice-cream?? Me neither, yet it exists and people might like to eat it. Ew.

  • Cactus flavored ice-cream

This ice-cream is a living proof of when a person has nothing better to do and is very very bored, it is when things like this happen. This discovery must be reported! Has anyone ever tasted a cactus? How can you come up with a cactus flavored ice-cream?! I bet someone might have ended up in hospital after eating this!

  • Lobster ice-cream

Lobsters are great in a soup or a curry or any other form but this! I would say this is honestly an agenda against the people who love lobsters so they can stop eating them.

  • Pizza ice-cream

YES we love pizzas! Everyone does! But a pizza flavored ice cream? I can assure you one thing that this pizza flavored ice-cream would definitely be more disgusting than a pizza with pine-apple toppings!

  • Curry ice-cream

Can anyone explain this sorcery? A curry flavored ice-cream? How would it even taste? Salty, spicy or sweet? This whole concept is so disgusting yet confusing.

You have been warned of these human creativity stunts! If you see an ice-cream parlor offering any of these flavors try and stay away. And even if you try it, let us know, how did you like it? In the meanwhile, I’ll stick with my vanilla ice-cream. Happy experimenting! 🙂

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