Have you ever thought about the world outside your world? Have you ever wondered about what sort of things would exist outside our planet, in our galaxy or in millions of other galaxies which are still to be discovered?!

Science is such a beautiful thing because it keeps a man curious of his surroundings and which is why he always keeps looking for more. The name of this man is NASA! Let us have a look at some bizarre and latest space discoveries;

  • K2-141b

K2-141b is an Earth like exoplanet which has a rocky surface. It is similar to the earth in a way that on the surface of this planet, the process of evaporation and condensation and then rain also occurs just like earth. But what’s different is that in this planet’s case it’s not water but rocks! Yes that is right, it rains rocks on this planet!

The closest star to this planet increases the temperature on the surface of this planet and as a result the rocks become lava and evaporate in the form of silicon dioxide, then this silicon dioxide is carried away by the supersonic winds until it cools down and falls back in the form of rocks.

  • Repeated radio signals from space

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are the cosmic rays which are one of the most fascinating things for the astronomers. For some time they used to think that these radio bursts coming from the space were completely random. Sometimes they lasted for second and sometimes they went on for days.

Recently the astronomers got to know that these things have a pattern which they follow when they did some research and followed the pattern of this signal, they got to find that this signal followed a 16 day cycle, when it bursts it goes on for four days and falls silent for the next 12 days. Another one was studied and followed for 8 years by the astronomers and the data declared that it had a 157 day cycle of same pattern.

  • A lost NASA rocket booster from 1960s

In 2020, astronomers from NASA acquired a “minimoon” crossing the orbit of the earth, and the research started because everyone thought another moon has emerged and the our earth had more than 1 moons. But later the research showed that this minimoon was not a natural object at all but a rocket booster which NASA launched back in the 1960s.

  • Newly found radio circles

It is very common that scientists find new looking objects in the space every now and then. Mostly, astronomers find these weird objects which look like fuzzy blobs. However, in 2020 they found Odd Radio Circles (ORC) which was visible in radio telescope data; do not look like anything the scientists have seen before.

They are neither optical effects named as Einstein rings nor supernova remnants. Some suggested that they could be the throats to new wormholes but no one Is sure of what it actually is. The scientists are still busy studying this object.

  • A million new galaxies

In the Australian outback, a radio telescope captured about 83% of an observable universe. It took the radio telescope about 300 hours to gather all this data. And the data revealed the presence of 3 MILLION GALAXIES! A million of which was never ever seen before!

This Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) has 36 antennas with which it records the sky, these antennas are mostly used for different projects, observing different directions, but this time all these 36 antennas were used all at once for a single project.

  • An alien star that might see us

In 2020, some of the scientists proposed that there might be some foreign planets which could actually see Earth and the life radiations on it.  Further it was declared that about 1,004 star systems were capable of seeing our little planet and the life pulse on it within 326 light years. One star which is just 12 light years away from earth will cross earth in 2044 and will be in a proper vantage position to see Earth.

These were some interesting space discoveries which were recently discovered, will keep you update about next ones too. In the meanwhile, let’s keep the curiosity going! Happy exploring! 🙂

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