The deep sea carries some of the most bizarre creatures, be it animals or plants. It contains living things as small as the smallest nail of a human finger and also as huge as 3 school busses combines. This is why science is always very curious about this part of the earth and the life it carries.

The scientists due to deep sea diving and new technology make latest deep sea discoveries in every year that passes by. Mentioned down below are some of the latest discoveries from the deep sea waters;

  • The glass sponge

Have you watched the science fiction “E.T.”? If yes then you would understand how scientists upon continuous research found a different type of sponge under the sea which they wanted to name as “Advhena Magnifica” which translates to “magnificent alien”.

This new sponge looks like the science fiction character E.T. and this is why it was named like that. The sample of this strange looking sponge was taken with the help of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) on a seamount of the Pacific Ocean at about 6,560 feet beneath surface.

  • A comb jelly

This hot air balloon like translucent creature was found 25 miles from the coast of Puerto Rico. The footage of this animal was captured by a high resolution remotely operated vehicle (ROV) about 12,830 feet below the surface.

No sample was collected for the first time in the history by the NOAA researchers while announcing a new discovery, instead high definition footage from this ROV was used to announce this discovery.

  • A huge coral reef
Newly discovered 500 meter tall detached reef adds to the seven other tall detached reefs in the northern Great Barrier Reef.

In October last year, while the scientists were doing their routine drill of mapping the deep sea bed near the Great Barrier Reef, found a towering reef structure which was isolated.

This reef structure was 1,640 feet (500 meters) tall which is huge. Another amazing fact is that this reef is more 120 years old. With this discovery about 20% of the seafloor of the world has been mapped!

  • Massive corals in the Red Sea

OceanXplorer by OceanX is a new highly advanced ship which was recently launched and with the help of this 286-feet long ship, submersibles were sent into the deep sea carrying scientists and journalists. This is the special job of this ship for which it was designed.

First expedition of this vessel was to reach and search for the robust corals in the Red Sea which the found. Corals all over the world are dying because of the global warming but strangely the corals in the Red Sea survive the hyper warm waters. 

  • A rare deep-sea hydroid

A rare siphonophore which is approximately 150-feet long was discovered by the scientists. This would be the longest animal in the world ever recorded. It was discovered during a 30-days expedition in which the submarine canyons were explored near Ningaloo.

Siphonophores are colonies of small individual zooids which float but stick together as a team to a same stem and belong to the group of marine invertebrates. These giant hydroids were first collected as samples in Australia.

Mentioned above were some unique and latest discoveries from the deep sea. We will keep you updated about the ones to follow as well! In the meanwhile, happy exploring! 🙂

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