There is lots of health benefits associated with staying hydrated. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day is highly recommended by the doctors for your body to function properly. Some people think that if there are some additional ingredients added to the water, it enhances its health benefits and actually helps with weight loss. Here are all the details you need to know about detox water!

detox water

What is detox water?

Water with some additional herbs, vegetables and fruits added in it is called detox water. This water is also known as fruit-water. It can be made at home using combinations of different fruits, vegetables and herbs of your choice. It has even more health benefits than fruit juices or smoothies because it does not have any added sugar.

 Health benefits of detox water

Here are some of the health benefits of this drink;

  1. Helps in boosting your immune function
  2. Improves your overall energy levels
  3. Saves you from dehydration
  4. Contains very few calories
  5. Helps with weight loss
  6. Improves digestive health

detox water



Making detox water is very easy and simple. You can easily make this at home as well. All you need is a bottle full of water and a combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Just slice the ingredients and add them into the water bottle. Now let it sit overnight and drink it the next day. Don’t forget to remove the ingredients the next morning because after one night they will start to decompose. Here are some of the best combinations for your detox water;

  1. Watermelon and mint
  2. Cucumber and mint
  3. Lemon and ginger
  4. Grapefruit and rosemary
  5. Basil and strawberry
  6. Cinnamon and apple
  7. Orange and blackberry
Detox water and weight loss

Drinking an excessive amount of water in a day can help you lose some weight. The same formula applies with detox water too. When you drink more water, your metabolism rate rises. This results into the body burning more calories than usual.

Studies have shown that if a person drinks half a liter of water, it can raise their metabolism to 30% for about an hour. A research studied overweight adults for certain amount of time. One group of these overweight adults drank half a liter of water before they had their meal and lost 40% more weight than the group of overweight adults who didn’t.

If you make detox water by adding the herbs, fruits and vegetables which have minimal calories and great health benefits, this can be a very good way of losing your weight in a healthy way. But drinking this water is not the only thing which can result in a loss of weight. It will take a lot of effort other than just drinking a bottle of detox water.

detox water

Lies people tell you about detox water

There are a ton of myths about this water. Major out of these myths is that how this drink can make you lose weight solely just by drinking it. Unfortunately, that is not true. Drinking it can be good for your health. It might also not give you extra calories. But! That stubborn fat won’t go away until or unless you start working out daily. Keeping a healthy diet while doing some exercise daily will give you your desired results when it comes to weight loss. So drink your detox water and exercise daily to lose those extra pounds! Happy healthy living!

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