Planet earth has blessed us with all kinds of seasons. Some parts of the world have oceans, some are landscapes, in some parts we have scorching deserts and in other parts we have frozen lakes and mountain tops. Survival of man is very difficult in parts of the world which have extreme weather conditions. Be it the unbearable heat or the freezing cold, both make the living conditions tough for humans to survive.

However, winter and extreme cold weather conditions provide a different list of survival challenges. So when travelling to a place on earth which has a freezing cold temperature, keep the following checklist in mind;

  • Be ready! Prepare thoroughly and be ready for the challenges you might face. Travelling can be really exhausting when it is done in regions of earth which have harsh weather conditions.
  • Pack your bag very wisely. Do not leave any essentials behind and do not take any extra things with you.


  • Do not forget to pack your brief first aid along you. This could help you in any case of small injuries.
  • The right footwear is more important than you think. If you wear the wrong shoes, it can hurt your feet and cause injuries and infections. Do not wear a brand new pair of shoes. Always wear the ones your feet are habitual of wearing.
  • Always remember to dress according to the temperature. You’re travelling to a cold place so take out those padded jackets and layer it on.
  • Always try and dress in several layers. The air between these layers keeps your body temperature intact. These layers are very important to keep you warm and regulate your body heat.
  • Don’t ever leave your head uncovered when out in the cold. Always keep it covered with a warm cap/beanie.
  • Don’t lose core and limb heat. This can be very problematic. As losing core and limb heat can cause frostbite and hypothermia which is the real danger.
  • Don’t forget to keep your feet warm. Layer on some warm socks as well so your feet do not catch a cold for you!


  • Wind is another enemy. Save yourself from wind as it causes dehydration. Exposed skin in the cold can cause loss of body heat.
  • Do not do much physical exercise which can make you sweat. Sweating is body’s air conditioning system. Once you sweat you have moisture on your skin which will make it even colder.
  • Keep yourself well fed. When food burns in human body it produces heat which can keep the body warm. An empty stomach is not good when you are out in the cold.
  • Do not walk too much unless you really have to. Walking continuously might be the reason your blood pressure drops down. This will make you feel cold as the body temperature also drops with the drop in blood pressure.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as you can. The idea that alcohol warms your body is fake and totally made up.
  • Staying hydrated is as important in cold weather as it is in the hot weather. Dehydration can also cause a drop in your blood pressure.
  • Follow this checklist, stay safe and happy traveling!


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