The struggle is real when you want to stop eating but you can’t because FOOD IS LOVE!

 Many people stress over how they can’t keep their hands to themselves when it comes to food. They are not able to control their appetite and keep the munching going on all day long. This can result in obesity and other health conditions such as blood pressure, heart problems etc. in which case a doctor must be consulted.

HOWEVER! Let us give you 10 good tips that will help you keep the GENIE OF CRAVINGS IN THE BOTTLE! So, let’s begin;

1. Have a glass of water 5 minutes before your meal

This is something that WORKS MIRACULOUSLY when it comes to controlling your appetite. Drink a glass of water 5 minutes before you have your meal. This helps amazingly in boosting your metabolism but the most important bit is that it makes you feel somewhat full before you have even had your meal! Isn’t that actually amazing? This results in less food consumption. It also helps in losing weight.

2. Minimize the portions

DO YOUR MATHS EVERYONE! Count the portions you eat and start shrinking them down. Start doing this slowly and gradually and then your stomach will get in the habit of having small portions. Cutting down on these portions will save you from that flood of calories coming your way!

3. Do not eat directly out of a container

Eating directly out of the container makes you lose track of the amount of food you have consumed. So, avoid eating directly out of a food container and use a proper plate so that you can clearly have a look at the portion of food you are about to consume.

4. Eat fiber rich food

On the days you cannot control that hunger wave, add some fruits and vegetables to your plate. It will fill you up, will be healthy at the same time and will also not give you any additional calories. Food like fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber that helps boost the metabolism and burn excessive body fat efficiently.

5. Avoid using your phone while eating

This is an interesting one. Studies say using your phone while eating makes you crave unhealthy food that you see on social media. This makes you not want the food you are eating and you might end up ordering that junk you’ve been eyeing online.

6. Use smaller plates to take out food

This is actually a psychological trick you play with your brain to make it think that you are eating a bigger portion of food. When you have a bigger plate to take out food, there is a larger space for the food to be placed on it in order to look filled. Instead, if you use a smaller plate it’ll look filled with just a smaller portion of food, in this way you will actually be avoiding overeating but your brain will think you are eating the same amount of food as you used to. LOL!

7. Stress management

Stress makes you crave sugary food more than you would normally eat. People who have a sweet tooth mostly suffer from obesity because eating sweets can give you excessive number of calories that can cause a rapid increase in the weight. Doing some physical exercise daily can shed some pounds as well as can manage the stress level!

8. Eat slowly

When we eat slowly, we chew the food properly. This way we help the stomach with half of its job which is breaking down the food into smaller pieces in order to digest it. This is how our metabolism stays efficient and, here is the trick, if the metabolism is working fine, you won’t over eat. BUT it does not end here! Slow eating can make your stomach feel full quickly, as a result you only had a little food and your hunger is gone.

9. Make it 4 to 5 meals a day

Eating more but smaller portions with continuous gaps within a day is not a problem because this helps make your metabolism super active that actually burns fat from the body. Eating bigger portions is what makes you obese. So instead of 3 bigger meals, make it 4 or 5 meals a day with some workout on a daily basis and you will see a difference!

10. ALCOHOL is problematic

ALCOHOL CAUSES OBESITY! Studies have indicated that alcohol consists of empty calories, which does not give any nutrition to the body but definitely gives some extra pounds! Moreover, the ethanol in alcohol can cause hyperactivity in brain cells that triggers starvation and the person starts overeating afterwards.

If you are facing certain conditions in which you think your overeating has surpassed just the love for food and you feel like you do not get that “I’m full” feeling very often, you should definitely see a doctor. This can be a symptom of an overeating disorder i.e. Binge Eating Disorder (BED) in which a person can’t stop eating and is hungry all the time.

YES! It can be so hard to say no when the food is right in front of you BUT overeating can be dangerous for your health in many ways. So, let us try and contain our love for food by following these easy steps. Happy Eating! 🙂

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