This pandemic has taken a toll on our mind, body and soul. Most of us are suffering with health issues already and our daily routine in this pandemic is not helping at all. All of us or our routine is not to blame because when we have everything closed and no means of doing any activities, most of us don’t really do much all day other than lying in our bed most of the times.

But! There are a number of great activities which are very therapeutic like book reading or listening to music etc. You can adopt these activities while staying safe and being at home. These activities are interactive, healthy and educational. So let us list down some of these great pandemic-friendly in-door activities for you!


First and foremost thing to do is to work out! Now we know that it is a very genuine excuse that the gyms are closed due to the pandemic and you do not have any equipment at home to do your exercise. But there are plenty of videos on social media by experts which teach how to work out at home without your gym equipment. This pandemic has given us a lot of worrisome things including a lot of extra pounds. So let us start with the bare minimum we can do and shed some pounds!

amidst the pandemic

Read a book

Everyone has a book which they once really wanted to read but could not because of their busy schedule. Well now you have all the time in the world! If you have the book, take is out from your book shelf, clean the dust off of it and start reading! However, if you do not have the book you always wanted to read, go download it or buy it online.

Grow plants

Growing plants can be really therapeutic. You can order seeds online and plant it in any broken utensil available at your home and place it in your window. If you have a balcony you can also use broken glass bottles or even old shoes to plant some flowery plants in them. Trust me when the flowers bloom on the plants you planted yourself, it is the best feeling ever!

Listen to lively music

Stressed out much? Put on some lively music and dance to it. No one is looking at you, so you can probably get as crazy as you want while dancing! Music is something which can accompany you during whatever you are doing. You can listen to this music while doing chores like doing dishes, cleaning your cupboard or wardrobe, ironing your clothes, cleaning your house etc.

Spend time with your family

amidst the pandemic

We have such a busy routine all year long that we mostly do not have time for our family gatherings. If you and your family live together, that is a great thing. However, if you guys do not live in a same house, you can video call them on skype or make everyone join a family zoom session!

Call your friends

If you are having any difficulties during this pandemic and have someone who listens to your worries, you are one of the lucky ones! Call them and tell them your worries while they tell you theirs. This will take a lot off of your mind because no one deserves to suffer alone.

Cook your favorite meal

This is one of those things that you might think won’t work but trust me it really does. Cooking a meal can be very therapeutic when you do not feel like being very creative with your hands. If you do not know how to cook, learning to cook can be even more fun! Just open your YouTube and follow the recipes!

Take long showers

amidst this pandemic

Self-care is very important, even during the pandemic. Now that we have a lot time on our hands, we can utilize it in caring for ourselves and loving ourselves. Put on the long awaited face mask, do your nails, take detailed warm showers and put on some music and light some scented candles while you’re at it.

Learn a new skill

Learn a skill which you have wanted to learn for some time. Try and learn a skill which you can cash after the pandemic or even during it. You can learn skills like cooking, editing videos and pictures, graphic designing, sewing, doing your own makeup, starting your own YouTube channel etc. Anything of such sort can really help you take your mind off of the pandemic and will be very fruitful in the future as well.

We really hope that all of these above mentioned things can help you through these hard times. Never forget that we are all in this together. Take care of your physical and mental health. Stay home and stay safe. Happy living! 🙂

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