A good sleep is incredibly essential for human body and brain to function well throughout the day. A sound sleep helps make your mind and body up and running. Some of us do not face any difficulty in going to sleep early at night but some of us really can’t asleep early even when we try our best.

For people having difficulty in sleeping early at night have a number of reasons keeping them awake. These reasons why they can’t get themselves to fall asleep early at night can differ from person to person.

It can be because of work, something which is causing stress, insomnia or other medical conditions, some mental health issues or even their habit of overthinking. There are some easy and useful tricks you can follow which can help you sleep early at night.

how to sleep

  • First and foremost important trick which you need to learn in order to get yourself to sleep early at night is to set a schedule for yourself. If you lay in your early you will eventually sleep early in some time.
  • When you sleep your body cools down. If the temperature of your room you are sleeping in is higher than your body temperature, you will have a difficulty falling asleep. So turn the temperature of your room down a bit when you sleep.
  • Tell your body to stay awake in the day and sleep in the night. The mechanism human body has is built on some senses. It senses the daylight on the skin and stays alert and when your body feels the darkness around it feels sluggish and sleepy. So try and balance the principal of light and dark. Go out in the daylight during the day. If you don’t do that, and stay in the dark all day and night, your body will forget how to process the senses of light and dark.
  • Try and go out in the day and do some physical and mental activities. This will in some ways exhaust and wear out your body and you will feel tired in the night. This can result in a deep sleep.
  • Doctors recommend, people who face sleeping difficulties should read a book they like. If someone reads a book before they go to sleep, it causes their mind to calm down and pushed out all the unnecessary thoughts which were actually causing them to stay awake.

how to sleep

  • Listening to some relaxing music can also help. If you are someone who likes to listen to music you can listen to some soothing music while in your bed and it will help calm your brain down.
  • Yoga and meditation have shown to be very helpful in improving sleep in a number of researches. You can practice yoga and do some meditation when you can’t find yourself to fall asleep.
  • If you have noticed that you are facing difficulty sleeping early in the night, think about if you are taking naps during the day. Not everyone has the same capacity of sleeping in a course of 24 hours. Stop napping during the day and it might help.
  • Studied have shown that a high-carb/low-fat diet reduces the amount of sleep in a person while a low-carb/high-fat diet promotes a deeper, restful and a more peaceful sleep. Look at what you eat in a day and what you don’t. It might say a lot.
  • Exercising during the day is very important. It helps promote good blood flow, helps shed those extra pounds and most importantly it helps exhaust your body. An exhausted body is the key to a quicker deeper sleep.
  • The place you sleep plays a really important role in a sound sleep. Look for something which is not comfortable for you. It could be your pillow, the covers or even the bed you’re in. if you find something uncomfortable, change it.

how to sleep

  • If you cannot get yourself to go to sleep early at night with the lights off maybe try and turn the lights on. A lot of us tend to be scared of the dark and a scared brain is never at peace to let you have a sound sleep.
  • There are so many aromatics available in the market, which actually help relax your mind and body. This is called aromatherapy. It includes a number of essential oils, scented candles etc.
  • Cut out on your caffeine. This is very important because caffeine can make your mind hyperactive which in result will keep wandering around and will not calm down and let you sleep.
  • This is the most entertaining one! Try visualizing things which make you happy. Think about getting married to your crush! You can even think of yourself as Superman. Just let your mind wander and find the place or person where it feels the happiest!
  • Hope this list helps you sleep early and sleep well. Happy sleeping!
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