Have you heard a common phrase going around recently which says “A surgical mask is better than an oxygen mask/ventilator”? This phrase indicates how important it is to wear a mask whenever we step out of our homes during this pandemic. We have lost so many lives to this atrocity up till now. The sorry part is that we could have minimized this effect just by wearing a mask, washing our hands and keeping a safe distance.

This pretty much sums it up that we as people of earth have been very irresponsible about the responsibilities we had amidst this pandemic since it broke out. To wear a mask in public is more important than you think. It can reduce the risk of covid-19 by a bigger aggregate. But that is only possible if we wear a mask properly i.e. the mask is covering both your nose and you mouth. Go through the below given tips to save yourself and your loved ones from covid-19.

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Important Instructions:

Follow these instructions to properly wear your mask;

  • Do not forget to wash your hands before your touch your mask and after removing a used mask.
  • Do not touch any other part of your mask other than the ties/bands of the mask which you wear on your ears.
  • Wearing your mask only on your mouth and leaving your nose exposed is wrong.
  • Wearing your mask on your chin and not covering your mouth and nose is completely wrong.
  • Do not forget to make sure that your chin, mouth and your nose all are properly covered in the mask.
  • Make sure that you are breathing and talking easily through your face mask.
  • If the mask is too tight it might bruise your ears.
Take necessary precautions
  • If your mask is too big for you than you need to change it immediately because you are not wearing your size and the loose spaces between the mask and your face are giving enough space to the contaminated air to enter your nose and mouth.
  • Disposable masks must be disposed-off after using them for 8 hours.
  • Do not forget to wash your reusable mask after every use.
  • Do not wear bandanas as face masks.
  • Masks with valves for exhalation and clear plastic fashionable masks are also not recommended.
  • Do not touch your or your loved one’s masks while it is being worn. It can be contaminated due to the touch.
  • Do not share your used masks with anyone.

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  • It is safe to remove your face mask when you are alone in your car but when you are diving with 2 or 3 people it is recommended that you keep your mask on.
  • Do not take your used masks inside your homes with you. Keep a bin at your main entrance just to dispose-off used masks before you enter the house.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not remove your mask when you are out in the public!

Never forget that wearing a mask properly but keeping physical contact with people (shaking hands, hugging etc.) is as dangerous as not wearing a mask at all. So, wear a mask properly and follow all the necessary SOPs. This is how you and everyone else can stay safe. We all need to be responsible enough during these times and play our part as a human being to save as many lives as we can. Keep fighting!


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