Have you been crushing on a certain someone but don’t see a chance for yourself? Is this because you think they are too good for you? Well guys this is something all of us have experienced. But do not lose hope! You can chase your dreams as far as they go because dreams do come true! All you need to do is believe in yourself one day at a time and give it your all! Now let me tell you everything you need to know about how to get your crush to like you back!

Look presentable

Guys this is more important than you think because the way you look gives away your first impression. You don’t want that first impression to be a lousy one! Trust me a shaggy hairstyle and a bad dressing sense is a no-no. Do not be too formal or too casual. How to do the right dressing is the question. Dress according to the occasion and try to look presentable while you look comfortable in what you wear.

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Be confident

Everybody be confident because confidence is sexy! A person who is confident about themselves has already won the game by 90%. You don’t want to be left behind so catch up on the confidence game. Sit back confidently like you got this (even if you don’t.)

Make an eye contact

How to get their attention? Now this is the starting point of your love story with them! Be careful to not mess it up. If they are sitting far from you and you haven’t had a chance to talk to them yet, make an eye contact. Not the creepy one please but a subtle one. Lol. Make an eye contact for a second or two and look away! There, you just left a mark!


Now the next time your eyes meet, smile! It works big time. Give a soft and welcoming smile. Don’t keep smiling because that will definitely creep them out. This smile is meant to be a friendly gesture. It is to show that you notice them.

Talk to them

You know you have zero chance until and unless you go ahead and actually talk to your crush. Wait for a natural moment where you will have a chance to talk to them. As soon as you get a chance, talk to them.  Introduce yourself and ask about them. Remember not to be too chatty.

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Give them a compliment

In between your conversation, give them a compliment. Try and say something genuine which you liked about them. Avoid saying cliché things like ‘oh, I’ve never met a girl like you before’. You know its downhill from there if you say that because honestly no one believes that now! So give them a genuine compliment.

Make them laugh

Tell them a funny but relevant story. Crack some jokes and make them laugh. Making someone laugh is the easiest way to impress them. Once they think you’re hilarious, chances are bright from then and there!

Try to impress them with your talents

Slowly and gradually start opening up with time. Start telling them about your talents and observe their response. Remember never to boast about anything because no one likes a show off. Just try and slip in things about your talents in a subtle way. (If you don’t have any then.. well…)

Be subtle in showing your interest

Try not to tell them openly that you like them. Instead, throw little hints here and there. Curiosity is the key of them taking an interest in you. When they start getting curious about your feelings, that is the time when they will start taking an interest in you too!

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Make them curious

Do not open up right away. Always keep a little to yourself. This is how they start asking questions and when they start doing that, you will know they are interested. Being a little mysterious is always sexy and works in most cases!

Be your true self

The most important trick to always stick to is to be your true self! Try to impress your crush but never fake it. Never be someone you’re not. This is something which is not fair to them and to you either.

Be confident about yourself and know that you got this! Follow these simple tips and tricks and your crush will finally notice you. Okay then, happy chasing!


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