Have you ever felt that creating balance between two things takes lots of effort? Likewise, it takes a lot of effort to create health and work life balance. Most of us who work round the clock do not have a healthy routine. The reason is that we do not have time for ourselves. When we get back from work with anything but zero stamina, ALL WE WANT IS FOOD AND A BED TO SLEEP ON!

This routine can make us super lazy, non-productive and obese. Further in the life, this obesity can cause health problems. To stay fit and active, let’s list some of the good tricks that we can practice in our daily lives while we work. So let’s get started;

Have your breakfast

After your morning walk, have a healthy breakfast. Include fruits and milkshakes in your breakfast routine. Avoid coffee if you can. If you have a healthy breakfast it will help keep your energy levels intact throughout the day. This can make you more productive at your workplace as well.

Control your coffee in take

For all the coffee addicts out there, I get you! But, too much coffee is not good for your health. Caffeine in it can drain you off of extra liquids via excessive urination. So! Maybe instead of coffee we can chew on some sugar-free gum to get our brains going!

Stop munching on the junk snacks

Most of us have lots of junk food on our worktable. And whenever we feel like our sugar level is going down we take out a chocolate and eat it. It definitely makes your blood sugar rise. But, in a longer run, it is also giving you bad calories.

Take your lunch with you

Instead of eating out daily, prepare your lunch in the morning and take that with you. Prepare something healthy like some sandwiches or a salad etc. Avoid fast food on a daily basis as much as you can. Don’t be sad! You can have a party once in a while! J

Stay out of the politics

Mental health is as important as physical health. Do not become a part of the workplace politics. Stay away from the toxic people. Collect all the positive vibes from your surroundings. Sit with people who make you appreciate yourself and life in general. Interact with everyone, but not too much. TRUS ME! This will save you a lot of drama!

Use a chair that does not cause you a backache

Most people who work complain about body aches. Backache is one of the very common body aches found in the people who work round the clock. Use a chair which is comfortable to sit on. If the seat you are using for 8 hours straight a day and 365 days a year is not comfortable then it can cause severe problems to your spinal cord.

Other than this you can keep your posture straight when you are working. Keep your computer a bit higher and levelled to your eyes so that you do not have to look down to use it which can wear you up easily.

Use the stairs

Rather than using the lift, try and develop a habit of using the stairs. This will be a good exercise for you during your working hours. If you cannot like doing this early in the morning, you can do this when you are leaving for home. This can get rid of the physical fatigue you’ll be having after a whole day of sitting in front of your laptop.

Stand up and stretch every now and then

Trust me this one is a refresher in that hectic routine! Look around, and when you see the boss is not in sight, just stand up and give those arms and neck a good stretch! This can improve your blood flow in the body and will also decrease the fatigue.

Drink lots of water

I understand how we lose track of drinking water while we are so indulged in our work. The target that we have to achieve by the day end usually does not let us think about how our body needs 8 glasses of water a day. Easy way to keep track of this is to keep a water bottle with you all the time. This way you won’t have to run to the water dispenser to drink water again and again during your working hours.

Work out for an hour

WORKING OUT IS THE REAL DEAL PEOPLE! Coming back home after work and just eating your meal and going straight to the bed is very unhealthy. I understand how THAT is THE ONLY thing we want to do at that time. But! If you do not work out in those 24 hours you are just sitting all day at the same place and consuming all those calories. It is okay, if you cannot work out for an hour, do it for 55 minutes! KEEP PUSHING YOURSELF because there is no running away from this. A MAN’S GOT TO DO WHAT A MAN’S GOT TO DO!!

Take a shower and get some sleep

After you have worked out let the sweat cool down a bit. Now go and take a shower and after you are done taking shower, have your dinner. Now you are all set to JUMP ON THAT BED AND SLEEP till you have to repeat all of this tomorrow.

People who work round the clock usually forget about themselves and their health in general. Which in the longer run, is very worrisome. Do not forget that you are compromising your health for a job that can replace you within minutes. So take better care of your body and your health while you work hard all year long because you deserve the best! Happy Living! 🙂

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