A human body is also a machine which needs to be recharged after a hectic day. This recharging energy can be gained by proper sleep.  It is needed that an average adult gets 7 hours of sleep daily to keep a good mental mechanism.

There are a lot of problems in human body which only rise because we are not getting enough amount of sleep which our body requires. Sleeping is a process which allows the body to heal and recharge for the next day. Continuous sleeplessness can also result in death by many causes like brain hemorrhage etc.

While a human body is asleep it is still processing and performing a lot of functions like washing out toxins or digesting food etc. There are different physical as well as psychological and cognitive changes a person feels in their body with time which are mentioned below;

  • Short term memory problems

When a person goes 24 hours without sleep they will feel lethargic and their brain will not function as actively. Having short term memory loss is common in people who have been up continuously for more than 24 hours. Other symptoms after 24 hours of no sleep can be;

  1. Bad coordination
  2. Impaired judgement
  3. Increased blood sugar levels
  4. More vulnerability towards accidents
  5. Muscle tension
  • Brief periods of complete unconsciousness

After 36 hours of going on no sleep a person starts going unconscious periodically. Cognitive performance of that person will become worse. At this point a human brain goes through a condition known as micro-sleep. In this state a human brain starts shutting off and it can go for many seconds. This condition is completely out of control of that person experiencing it and is voluntary.

  • Extreme fatigue and paranoia

After 48 hours of going with zero sleep a human body can be extremely fatigued in such a way that moving an inch would be difficult. Bad headaches start kicking in. At this point coffee would not be of any help anymore. Having sore red eyes which hurt to open is also a common physical condition in this situation.

  • Difficulty in communicating with others

After about 72 hours of no sleep a person is unable to perform simple tasks such as talking to another person. Speaking takes effort and energy and at this point body is completely drained out of its fuel so people who have been up for 72 hours straight will have difficulty in talking and in some cases these people are not able to recognize others. Others common symptoms at this point are;

  1. Severe concentration issues
  2. Severe memory issues
  3. Extreme levels of fatigue
  4. Paranoia
  5. Bad mood swings
  6. Hallucinations

If all of these above mentioned conditions keep occurring for too long they can be lethal.

  • Dementia and Insomnia

Dementia is a term used for a condition related to human’s brain in which a person cannot think things through, process well or remember things. Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly known dementia. Whereas, Insomnia is a sleep disorder, in which a person cannot go to sleep. In some cases the patient faces difficulty in sleeping but in some cases the patient wakes up in between their sleep and cannot go back to sleep. These two and many other conditions if get severe, can be fatal.

The record of going the longest without sleep in human history was set by 17-years old American boy Randy Gardner when he went 11 days and 25 minutes without sleeping. It is not long before a person starts to be paranoiac if they do not sleep for more than 36 hours of sleep. A person starts hallucinating after 3 days of consecutive sleeplessness. So to avoid all of this, get a 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Happy sleeping! 🙂

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