Have you ever thought why do doctors play music for their patients at the hospitals? Or why do psychiatrists recommend listening to soothing music to the people going through depression or anxiety. Music has a quality to sooth your nerves and as a result makes your brain relax. There are a lot of benefits of listening to soft music, some of them are;

 Reduces your stress and anxiety

Relaxing music which has a low pitch, a slow tempo and a mostly no lyrics is very effective for catering stress and anxiety. This type of music can be helpful to people who went through surgeries or in healthy people.


 Improves your mood

You must have noticed that when you are in a bad mood, upbeat music can instantly lift up your mood. Studies have proved that listening to up beat songs can overall improve your well-being including regulating your emotions or creating happiness.

 Helps you work out

Some good music can also be your best friend in the gym. Finding the right amount of motivation to work out is a complete task in itself. But! If you listen to a song you love it will give you enough stamina to keep on going.

 Helps with your memory

Researches have proved that music actually helps with your memory related issues. Listening to it can improve your cognitive abilities. The reason would definitely be how we memorize lyrics or the tune of the song we love to listen.


 Helps with different disorders

Studies have proved that music can actually help in the treatment of different disorders. Like children suffering from autism spectrum disorder showed improvement in their attention and communication skills as well as their social responses.

Improves cognition

Music can help people recall memories they have long forgotten. Just like fragrances, it has memories attached to it. Studies show that people whit Alzheimer’s seemingly recalled their memories from past which they had forgotten when certain melody was played. These people had those memories attached with a specific tune or a particular song.


Music is of so many types. People listen to what makes them feel at ease, at peace and homelike. It can give you feelings of connectivity with people if you listen to it with someone else. A song when played can bring back so many memories from your past. This is what is amazing about a melody is that it is a complete world in itself. So keep living in that world and keep living the moments it brings by. Happy listening!

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