Have you ever thought about the feelings and meanings attached to the flowers you receive from someone? When someone buys you flowers on certain occasions It always mean something. Different flowers have different meanings associated with them. It can completely mean a different thing when someone buys you red roses or a yellow rose. We will help you study the hidden feelings and meanings behind the flowers you just received!


Red roses:

Red roses are the most loved and most commonly given flower in the world. The red color itself is a lover’s color. Often symbolizing the Valentine’s Day red roses denote enduring passion and love.


Dahlia is a mauve colored flower which demonstrates commitment and lasting bond between two people who love each other. This flower is a great pick for your anniversary gift.

Pink carnation:

A carnation usually stands for distinction and fascination. But if you choose a pink carnation it denotes a mother’s undying love.

Yellow roses:

If you are going to meet a dear friend who arranged a dinner at their home, buy them some yellow roses. A yellow rose stands for friendship and joy.


Stocks could be a perfect pick for your best friend! Because the stocks demonstrate an everlasting beauty, a happy life and a never ending bond of affection.

Sweet William:

There are very few flowers out there which are associated with masculinity. Sweet William is a flower which stands for gallantry. In olden times sweet William was a term used in romantic ballads for a noble man. So ladies give this flower to the man of your dreams!



If you are missing a dear someone send them some pink camellias. Pink camellias stand for adoration and longing for someone dear to you.


Amaryllis is a flower which is seen as feminine but can really be given to anyone as far as you find them beautiful. This flower stands for incredible beauty inside out, which means that you have to value them beyond their beauty to give them some amaryllises.

Lavender roses:

A lavender rose have to be the most delicate looking flower you will ever see! Its delicacy demonstrates enchantment and love at first sight. How beautiful is that!


In ancient Greek times orchids were associated with masculinity but now its meaning has changed to a more feminine one. Now this flower demonstrates rare and delicate beauty.


Have you ever seen sunflowers bopping their heads when the wind blows? They can easily be called the cutest flowers on earth! And this is why sunflowers stand for pure happiness!

Peach roses:

Peach color itself is very modest in nature. It is not a loud color but still speaks a lot about the person wearing it. Peach roses also just like the color itself, mean demureness and modesty.

White tulip:

When someone you love is mad at you and you are trying to apologize, go with some white tulips. Because white tulips stands for worthiness and asking for forgiveness.


Purple hyacinth:

The Greek mythology says that the Greek Gods Apollo and Zephyr were so attracted by the great beauty of a boy named Hyacinthus and fought for his attention. Amidst this they accidently killed him and the flower which grew from his blood was called hyacinth. This is why hyacinths symbolize regret, sorrow, grief and forgiveness.

White stargazer lily:

A white stargazer lily is commonly given as a funeral flower because it is presented at the memorials during the funerals.  These lilies symbolize sympathy, purity and innocence.

We hope you will have a better idea of what does the flowers you received actually meant! Flowers are the most beautiful gift you can give someone to make them feel loved and appreciated. Keep spreading love and happiness. Happy loving!

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