Do you also suffer from nightmares? If yes, do you believe in dreamcatchers? People who suffer from scary dreams tend to have a distorted sleeping pattern and they end up waking up several times in their sleep. Dreams can sometimes be pretty scary and people do about everything to get rid of them. Dreamcatchers are one of the ways that people opt for in order to get a peaceful sleep.

What are dreamcatchers?

The trend can frequently be seen in many Native American tribes who make a handwoven hoop with a knitted web or a net inside the hoop. Beads and feathers are also added in the design while making a dreamcatcher. When it is ready, it is hung over a cradle or a bed to prevent bad dreams or thought, because it is believed that these dreamcatchers catch every harmful dream and thought.



Every single part of a dreamcatcher has a meaning attached to it. The circular shape a dreamcatcher has is the shape of the earth and the web is said to catch all the nightmares and thoughts at night and then release it in the day. While the feathers which are hanging downwards, are supposed to pour the good thoughts on the infant, child, teenager or an adult sleeping under it.

History and Origin

There are a lot of cultures with whom different objects believed to carry protective superpowers are associated. But the history and origin of dreamcatchers typically link back to the Native Americans from the Ojibwe culture. The women of this cultural group were handed over different charms to keep their infants safe. These charms were hanged over the cradles of the infants in circular decorative woven objects now known as dreamcatchers.



The dreamcatchers are not a traditional thing for just one community now. In fact, these little feathery colorful objects are hung by people over their beds throughout the world. Contemporary dreamcatchers are manufactured and sold in most parts of the world. These objects might look similar to the traditional ones in terms of design. But they are different from the original ones especially in terms of size. Some people belief that people making and selling the dreamcatchers as business is a violation of beliefs and culture.

If you also suffer from nightmares and dearly wish to have a sound sleep, go buy yourself a dreamcatcher and hang it over your bed. But most importantly! Consult your doctor; he might be able to prescribe something which could help you with your sleep. Happy sleeping! 🙂



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