Lahore is not the capital of Pakistan but is definitely its heart and soul! Known as “The Walled City” Lahore is cluttered, congested, colorful and full of life and a city which is deeply anchored in rich history!

This city which is capital of the Pakistani province Punjab; is famous for his historical sites, its otherworldly food, hospitable people, old busy markets, narrow streets, beautiful Mughal architecture, its mesmerizing evenings and whatnot!

  • Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is a citadel in the center of the city of Lahore. It was built in 1566 on the orders of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and later there were some additions done by the next rulers as well. The area of this citadel is about 25 hectares and it contains 21 historical monuments and are built using frescoes and white marble while the roofs of all of its monuments is carved with Mughal designs and marble screens.

Sheesh Mahal also known as “Palace of Mirrors” is the most visited monument in Lahore Fort because of how its walls and roofs are decorated with pieces of mirror. It is located in the Shah Burj Block in the north-western corner of the Lahore Fort.

  • Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque is known as one of the Lahore’s most famous landmarks. It is a Mughal era mosque. This mosque was built in the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671 and was built by the architect Nawab Zain Yar Jung Bahadur. It took it 2 years to complete.

The minarets of this majestic mosque are 177 ft in height. It has an Islamic and Mughal architecture. Opposite to the entrance of Badshahi Mosque is tomb of the Founder of the Pakistan Movement, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. This movement led to the creation of Pakistan for the Muslims of Indo-Pak. This Mosque is still operational and people come and pray here five times a day.

  • The Wazir Khan Mosque

This Mosque is also a masterpiece of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s era and was built by Governor of Punjab Hakim Sheikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari in 1634. This building also has a Mughal and an Islamic architecture.

The size of its dome is 20 feet. It was opened for public in 1642. It has many fountains and multiples entrances. This mesmerizing huge building is triangular in shape and it has a size of about 87x51m.

  • Anarkali Market

If you are in Lahore and want to see how a traditional market of Lahore looks like, you need to visit Anarkali market! This bazaar/market is huge and so full of life with such busy streets that once you get inside you might get lost in all the colors. This local market offers you everything in its stalls and shops. You will find a lot of delicious street food within this market.

  • Food Street of Lahore

Some of the best food with authentic taste you will find in Lahore will be at the Food Street of Lahore. This old street is a tourist attraction not just because of its food but its architecture and beautifully color-synchronized buildings.

These buildings are mostly old houses built with red old bricks and which are painted in colors like pink, orange, green, blue etc. which looks so ethereal when it is lit with all the lights in the night. The roof tops of all of the restaurants in these buildings offer a great view of the historical old Lahore.

Lahore is a city which will capture your heart in a way you will never be able to get out of its spell. The out-of-this-world food, the sky rocketing 16th-17th century historical monuments, the narrow streets with old buildings, beautiful evenings and warm-hearted people, this city has so much to offer so plan your visit with friends and family ASAP! Happy travelling! 🙂

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