Have you ever thought why are you so obsessed with black color? Has it ever crossed your mind that why do you have a cupboard full of black colored tees when they all literally look the same? Is it also difficult for you to understand why do you feel more comfortable in black than any other color?

All of these behaviors associated with black color and all other colors are studied in color psychology. We know that black is not a primary, secondary or tertiary color but the combination of all colors. It is not present on the color spectrum because it is not a color but all colors!

  • What does color psychology say about black color?

Color psychology says that color related behaviors are dependent on your personal preferences and the experiences you have had in your life. There can be a different feeling about the color black which can vary individually. Color psychology says black is not a color it is perhaps a sensation because it represents mystery.

  • What does black color represent?

The black color represents two things.

  1. Mystery
  2. Power or strength.
  • What does it mean to be obsessed with a color?

It is very natural to have favorite colors which you want to wear or you think suit you well. But favorites change with time, you start thinking there are other colors you like and want to try. An obsession would be defined as that the love for that specific color never decreased for you. You feel comfortable and more confident in that color more than in any other color.

  • Positive traits associated with black color

There are some positive qualities associated with black color like when you wear black you stand out among a group of people because of its intense energy. It gives you protection and comfort as it is mostly not see through like other light colors. Wearing black can make you look very sophisticated, contained, and mysterious yet seductive!

  • Negative traits associated with black color

The most negative thing which happens when you wear too much black is that people hesitate coming up to you and saying Hi first because of the aura this color creates. It keeps people at arm’s length (now this trait can be positive for you if you want that to happen!), people wearing black can easily be misunderstood as depressing and pessimistic, serious and conservative and secretive and authoritative.

  • Personality types and black color

Personality types which are associated with the black color are mostly the introvert personality types. Psychology says if a person wears too much black color, they are most likely to be introverts; they are less talkative, keep their secrets and their matters to themselves and will not interfere into yours as well. People who wear black are more likely to have control over themselves as well as others.

  • Things every person obsessed with black color can relate to
  1. Having the never ending fright of spilling something on your black dress.
  2. Saying “does this come in black” after entering every store that you know of.
  3. White is too see-through for me, I should definitely go with the black one!
  4. I look more pale-skinned in a black dress.
  5. It’s summer and I might die of a heatstroke BUT I’m going to wear black anyway!
  6. Black on black is the other name of love.
  7. The idea of “I look slimmer in black” never goes away! (where is the lie though?)

The way different cultures react to black color can be different. Some cultures around the world associate black color with death and mourning while in the Chinese culture specifically white color is associated with death.

What matters is doing what makes you happy! If wearing black color all day, every day makes you happy and confident about yourself, then you simply do that and do not listen to the opinions of people who make you unhappy! If black is your happy color, then go buy some more back stuff and BE HAPPY! 🙂 <3

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