Have you ever wondered why you like everything you see in red color? Or why do you like to wear it more than other colors? Or the general obsession you have with red colored rose while choosing a flower for your partner?

Psychology says that there is a certain way that a human brain reacts to certain colors and these colors can directly affect your mood, they can make you happy and excited or they can even make you sad. This phenomenon is called color psychology.

Red is a warm color which might mean passion, love or excitement to some but to others it might mean danger. It’s all in the perception and it varies individually. Let us have a look what it is commonly associated with;



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First and foremost, love! Red is the color of love. If we look at its historical representation, the Hebrews and Greeks used to consider it the color of love. It has been associated with the concept of love on every event which is about love, since ages. It is the color of the dresses brides wear on their wedding in South East Asia and is also the color of Valentine’s Day.


Passion and desire

Like red color stands for love, it also denotes passion and desire. It signals to want something or someone, to desire for something or someone passionately. This must be one of the reasons why people wearing this color when they dress up, are more likely to attract opposite gender. In a study published in 2008, some men were shown two pictures of the same women, in one picture she wore blue while in the other she wore a red dress, the results which were drawn from this study concluded that the men found the same women in red dress more sexually appealing.




We all know how red has the second longest wavelength in the color spectrum and this color can travel far which means it is visible from a long distance and can grab public’s attention which is the reason why it is used as a sign of warning and danger. Some of the examples are red traffic lights, the siren on an ambulance, fire engines etc.



In some myths red color is associated with power, but these might not only be myths because now in the modern society, we see a bunch of rich and powerful men wearing a red tie or suit or maybe a red pocket square. Other than this the concept of red carpet also goes with the belief because it is also always rolled out for the most honored, prestigious and most of all rich and powerful celebrities.


Excitement and energetic behavior

Some studies from the past say that just like wearing black and white, wearing red can also affect your physical conditions. Wearing this color can boost your metabolism and can increase your blood pressure and respiration rate. This can make a person excited and show energetic behavior.




Some medical studies say that this color is associated with being aggressive and angry. For example when a person has red eyes, face or neck, it means they were angry and cried or might have shouted on someone. The reason for having a red face can be an elevated blood pressure.


Now that you know what psychology says about this color you should only focus on the positive and happy things. The reason is; if it makes you happy to wear it, you should go for it! Slay in that red dress you recently bought because someone might love to see you in this color! Happy living! 🙂






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