What comes to your mind when you hear the word “desert”? Of course the scorching heat, a bunch of cactuses, camels walking in a line, a group of tumbleweeds rolling down the road with the wind and no water to be found anywhere. You must also think it is a crime to think about deserts in summers.

But have you ever thought about a desert colder than your partner’s feet in winters? Yes such deserts do exist! In fact we have deserts in the world in which it snows like anything and you might freeze to death! Mentioned below are some of the coldest deserts on planet earth!


Greenland desert

Greenland is the world’s largest cold desert and largest non-continental desert. This desert lies in the North Atlantic Ocean. This cold desert has the biggest national park in the world known as the Northeast Greenland National Park.  The temperature in this desert remains between 7.78°-3.88°.

Gobi desert

Gobi is a desert in North of China and South of Mongolia. This region is known best for its snowy mountains, dunes and rare animals like Bactrian camels and snow leopards. This desert is situated on a humongous plateau and this is the reason for its low temperature. This desert also has a national park which is known as Gurvansaikhan National Park, this national park is known for its singing dunes when the wind blows.

Arctic desert

Arctic desert starts from the very North Pole of the earth and stretches towards a number of countries including Alaska, Greenland, Canada, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Russia and Sweden. The ecosystem in this region has become adaptive of the harsh weather conditions they face in the arctic region. The life here on this region consists of the marine mammals, fish, birds, land animals, zooplankton, phytoplankton and human colonies.


Great basin

The Great basin is a desert which lies between the Sierra Nevada snowy mountain range and is the biggest desert of the U.S. Great basin receives 6 to 12 inches of annual rain. This rain helps grow the vegetation in the desert. The desert has a famous internal drainage system.

Namib desert

The Namib Desert is a coastal desert in the South of Africa. Namib is a word which comes from the Khoekhoegowab origin and translates into “vast land”. This desert is an extremely water-lacking region. This ecoregion comprises of the sand dunes which keep shifting from one place to another. The Namib Desert is world’s oldest desert and it has existed for about 55 million years!

Turkestan desert

This desert is present in the region of central Asia from Ural to Siberia in the north, the Gobi desert in the east, Kashmir, Tibet, Iran and Afghanistan to the south and the Caspian Sea to the west. This desert is home to a number of species of animals like tortoises, gazelles and gerbils.


Antarctica desert

This region is the most windy, dry and cold region on the earth. It is located in the Antarctic region in the Southern Hemisphere. The ocean temperatures and landmass elevation is the reason for low temperature in this region. This desert has ice in the form of icebergs, ice shelves and glaciers. It does not snow a lot in this region but its just that the ice already fallen never melts because of the low temperatures and this is how thousands of years of ice sheets have been stacked up in the region.


If you want to see a desert but you cannot handle the scorching heat of summers, nature has got you covered! Plan a trip to these deserts in summers and escape the angry sun. Happy travelling! 🙂






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