Bad posture is a problem you will see in every other person in the recent times. There can be a variety of reasons for having a poor posture e.g. daily lifestyle, weak muscles etc. Scientific term used for a poor posture is postural dysfunction.

Postural dysfunction starts at a young age and it can get severe with the time if it is not treated. There are many treatments for a poor posture from exercise to physiotherapy and even surgeries when there is an extreme issue.

Postural dysfunction can be defined as a painful condition in which your spine is unnaturally positioned, this position emphasizes on the curves resulting in painful joints, vertebrae and muscles. If this physical condition prolongs, it can create pressure on the tissues at all of these points which can result in extreme pain and swollen joints.

  • Symptoms of a bad posture

There are a lot of symptoms of having a bad posture which can be observed physically. All of these symptoms can be really painful at lower back, neck, shoulders and arms. Some of the symptoms are;

  1. Rounded shoulders
  2. Slouching
  3. Tilting your head forward
  4. Having bent knees
  5. A hunched back
  6. A potted belly
  7. Excessively pushed back shoulder blades
  8. An arched lower back
  9. Bent knees
  • What is a good posture? A good posture can be defines as having a straight upright posture and having a straightly aligned angle from one ear to the other and from shoulders to the hips.
  • Causes of postural dysfunction

Lifestyle that people follow in recent times can be one of the biggest reasons for postural dysfunction in every other person. Some of the causes for this dysfunction are mentioned below;

  1. Lack of awareness about what actually is a good or bad posture
  2. Use of phone and laptops
  3. Weak muscles
  4. Muscle tightness
  5. Poor core strength
  6. Stiffness of joints
  7. Poor health overall
  8. Demand of your workplace (again the use of gadgets)
  • Treatments for bad posture

There are requirements and some steps which need to be followed in order to start a treatment for any condition. Having a bad posture is no less than any other physical condition and for that you should go see your doctor and tell them what you feel physically and what are the causes for this physical condition for you.

After you do that, your doctor would suggest some procedures according to your physical condition which will help make your posture better. Some are mentioned below;

  1. Dry needling
  2. Electrotherapy
  3. Mobilizing of joints
  4. Soft tissue massages
  5. Assessment of postural habits
  6. Exercises which will help you improve the flexibility of your body
  7. Exercises which will help you improve your strength
  8. Useful advice on what you do and what needs to stop.

There are a lot of physical conditions which people have and are worried about it every single day but change starts from little efforts. If you have a bad posture, go see your physiotherapist.

Get some advice on therapy and what small steps you can take on your own to make things better for your body. But most of all, love yourself! Because this is the body which picks you up from the bed every morning and takes you to all the amazing places you want to be! Happy loving! 🙂

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