Human kind has been linked thoroughly with reading from the very beginning of their times. First they read off of the walls of the caves they lived in. Then it became the barks of trees. Then came leather and after the era of leather a man started reading from a paper. Now with all the evolution we read from computers, tablets, laptops and even our phones other than book reading.

The technology must have taken us too far ahead but the peaceful feeling which comes from reading a page from a book which you love, while you hold a cup of tea in the other hand and lay back in the warm covers of your bed when it’s chilly outside. Nothing replaces this wandering of mind when it imagines the whole story in the course of a second.

This is how book reading takes you in another world, away from the worries of this one. Experts say this quality of book reading makes it a very therapeutic activity. Let us have a look at what other attributes of book reading makes it therapeutic.

book reading

It is an imaginative activity

When a person starts reading a book and gets to know all the characters, they automatically involve themselves so much in the story. When that happens, they start to create an imaginative world of all the characters, their stories, the world that they live in etc. This is how when someone reads a good book they end up going into in a world of imagination which makes them forget all their concerns.

Reduces risks of age related cognitive setbacks

It is how humanism works that when you start getting older, your cognitive abilities start to get weaker by the day. You start forgetting things, you start forgetting people and you start failing at simple math’s of life. But if a person who loves to read and have read throughout their lives, they have been practicing their metal capacity while getting older. So comparatively that person who have been reading books all their lives will have a more stable cognitive system than the person who hasn’t read at all.

Creates feelings of empathy

There are some great books out there which leave you curious at the end of every page. These stories can make you very empathetic in many ways. When a person starts reading a story which involves the element of tragedy, they automatically start to feel empathy for the characters of the story. Now, when this happens in their real life, they tend to be aware of the sufferings of people who go through tragedies because they read it in the books. So as a result they will be more empathetic towards people in general.

book reading

Great source of polishing your vocabulary

If you have a bad vocabulary and you are not able to bring out some good words while writing a piece of text for a decent audience, you basically lack on some book reading. Book reading can bring out the best of your vocabulary. The reason is that when you read different books, you are basically going through the brains of those utterly talented different authors. And when you do that, you encounter all sorts of great vocabularies which came out of the pens of these amazing writers. This is how you learn new words every day.

Helps get rid of symptoms of depression

People who have depression tend to separate themselves from other people. This is because they lose their ability of belongingness with everything and everyone. This is a feeling which usually is coped by a good book. United Kingdom’s National Health Service has started a Reading Well program which is basically a program where the psychiatrists prescribe some books, mostly fiction, to the people suffering from depression. This is one of the greatest examples that how books can take you to another world where you can feel at peace.

Helps with stress

In 2009, in the United States there was a study in which effects of humor, reading and yoga were studied on students who were going through stress. The study concluded that the students who read a book for 30 minutes had reduced blood pressure, feelings of psychological distress and heart rate. This is how book reading actually helps with lowering stress levels in people who are suffering from anxiety and stress.

book reading

Welcomes a good night sleep

For people who have trouble falling asleep, doctors recommend reading a book before going to bed. The purpose of this recommendation is that book reading calms the brain down, hence the body feels as ease too. Doctors recommend that reading through a printed book is better than reading an e-book. While reading at somewhere else is also preferred than reading while in bed.

Always remember that a printed book is what is recommended by the doctors and not an e-book. This is because of the damage the screens can do to the eyes. So go to your nearest book store and buy yourself an interesting book and start reading for a stress free life. Happy reading! 🙂





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