This prolonged lockdown due to the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s social life. For those who are quarantining alone it has become even more difficult to cope up with the entire situation. Mental health of people has been most affected along with the physical health. Looking for some activities which can help you get through these hard times can really help. Other than doing house chores, reading a book, talking to your loved ones, watching movies and TV shows is a great activity which can help you have a good time while quarantining. Let us have a look at the list of some of the classic hits of all time in the Sci-fi movies;

Pirates of Caribbean


Now who does not love Captain Jack Sparrow and The Pirates of Caribbean? This classic is a series of fantasy and science fiction movies by Disney based on Disney’s theme park of the same name. The movies from this franchise are loved by everyone and are amongst the most watched Disney movies. The humor executed by the amazing actors especially Johnny Depp is one of the reasons it became so immensely popular amongst the viewers.

Star Trek

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From 1979 to 2016 there were 13 Star Trek films released. These amazing space science fictions movies have had everyone sit back and watch the greatest space missions of the times for almost forty years. The movie revolves around how the crew of USS enterprise travels to different planets in space saving the universe.

Harry Potter


There is never really a best suitable age or time to start binge watching the Harry Potter series of movies again! We all know how we have grown with the story and the cast of this amazing series throughout all these years. This English series is so entertaining it will keep you invested even if you are watching it for a hundredth time!


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Here come the superheroes! If you are more into stuff like superhero science fiction there are so many movies and TV series out there which you can watch to kill time during this pandemic. But if you want a series with a continuation of story along the different installments of a same concept, this is the best option for you!



Annihilation is a modern science fiction. Its story revolves around a biologist who also happens to be an ex-soldier who goes looking for answers about what happened to her husband in the Area X. Along with all her expeditions there is a mysterious phenomenon spreading across the American coast which is mutating the landscapes and creatures.

Star wars


Star Wars is a space opera media franchise in America which was created by George Lucas. They released their first film in 1977 and this is when they became a global pop-culture phenomenon. The franchise has released 9 hit movies so far. You can binge watch these movies if you love watching some space science fiction.

Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park is a series with a number of great movies based on the potential extinct giants, dinosaurs. This science fiction series has a lot of great CG and good survival story line. The first film of this series came out in 1993. It was made by the film franchise Universal Pictures originally. Universal Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Amblin Entertainment and Legendary Entertainment also took part in the series.

These classics will get you through your quarantine. Find other activities which you like doing and which can help you ease your mind. Stay home, stay safe and happy binge-watching!

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