South Korea is a country which is gaining a lot of attention internationally and is becoming really famous due to a bunch of reasons. These reasons mainly include its music, media, food and tourism. Are you curious about this beautiful country full of beautiful landscapes, mountains, cities and historical monuments? Do you want to travel across South Korea but don’t know where to start from, don’t you worry because we have got you covered! Let’s name some of the best travel destinations in South Korea which you can add to your bucket-list.



South Korea

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and is the focus of tourists interested in visiting the country. As soon as South Korea caught all the international attention, South Korean government with the help of their worldwide famous artists ran different campaigns to promote tourism in Seoul and other parts of the country. Seoul being the capital offers huge range of tourist attractions for example rich in South Korean culture and art Seoul Museum of Art, 500 meter tall Seoul Tower and ancient Jingwasa Temple and Bukhansan National Park.



South Korea

Do you know South Korea has its own Santorini? Yes you heard me right it does! It is called Gamecheon, a European looking village. You can find it in Busan, the second largest city of South Korea. This city has a number of beautiful beaches and resorts at its coastline. It is so rich with history and culture. The Beomeosa Temple is also very famous among the tourists who visit Busan and Jagalchi market in Busan is the largest sea food commercial market in the country and is really famous for its sea food. There are some restaurants in this market which will cook the food you had bought from the market so you can eat it right away.


Jeju Island

South Korea

Jeju Island is South Korea’s most popular resort destination. This island has a lot of beautiful beaches and the highest mountain of the country with a dormant volcano. Huge frozen lava tubes which are miles long are spread on the mountain which can be explored. This island has a number of health spas and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. There is an old tradition in the natives of this island, that their women used to dive in the water to catch sea food when their men were on boats to make some living, which is still being followed. Women on Jeju Island dive hundreds of feet to catch some food and this is why the “diving women” of Jeju Island are very famous and people actually visit the island just to see these women dive in the water. The island can be reached via a domestic 60 minute flight.


Lotte World

South Korea

Do you want to visit Disneyland in South Korea? All you have to do is drive 45 minutes out of Seoul and you will get there! This amazing amusement park is known as Lotte World. This place is rich in Korean commercial culture and this is why it is one of the best places to visit with family and children. You can experience different activities in this park like ice-skating, different rides for children and adult, a folk museum in which you can watch folk performances, you can also watch a movie in the theatre it offers and it also has a hotel for the tourists to stay.


National Museum of Korea

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South Korea is full of art, cultural, archeological and historical museums. The biggest museum in the country is the National Museum of Korea. This museum is so rich with historical artifacts, art, the history of country and the independence movement that it is impossible to explore it in a single visit. If you are visiting Seoul with family and children, visiting National Museum of Korea is a must!



Insadong-GettyImages-691361168.jpg (2560×1440)

If you want to feel the western vibe while you are in South Korea, Itaewon is the place you should really be visiting. Itaewon is the true definition of a Korean cosmopolitan city. The streets of this city are very busy especially in the early evening when the families, children or couples come out to grab some food and have a walk. Itaewon is a very lively city with small houses, a lot of small shops and restaurants everywhere you go. If you are looking for some authentic Korean food, Itaewon is not a place for you but for western food like pizza, burgers, western barbecue etc., which is not very frequently available in Korea, you can visit Itaewon.


Bukchon Hanok Village

bukchon-hanok-village-e1562755836156.jpg (1200×583)

There are a number of Hanok villages in Seoul and in South Korea generally. These villages are basically ancient neighborhoods which have been preserved with time and are open as living museums. These neighborhoods have very narrow streets like it was back in the day, 600 years ago. Some of these villages have been re-created and renovated with the help of Hanoks (Korean traditional homes). However, some of the villages are original like the Bukchon Hanok Village. Some of these traditional homes are open for public and tourists who can actually live in these homes. Some of these homes are private properties.


Gyeongbokgung Palace

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This huge complex, Gyeongbokgung Palace also known as the Northern Palace was first built in 1395 during Joseon dynasty. During Joseon dynasty 5 palaces were built across the Seoul. This palace was destroyed many times and re-built again many times. It was also occupied by the Japanese in the 1592. The final restoration it received in 1990.  The Hyangwonjeong pond and the Gyeonghoeru Pavilion are the only two remaining original structures from the Joseon dynasty in the palace. There are many guides available who can take you on a palace exploring tour.


Blue House

Korea-Seoul-Blue_House_(Cheongwadae)_Reception_Center_0688&9-07_cropped.jpg (1490×710)

Blue house is the house of the South Korean president. This name must be allotted to this building because of the blue tiles used on the pavilions and roofs of the many buildings of this complex. This complex is also home to many Korean executive government offices. A lot of the presidential and other official meetings also take place in these buildings. This place gives you a better idea of the modern Korean government. Official tours of this huge complex are given to the public. For that you will have to apply online and go through a security check.


Now that you know which places should be a part of your must-visit list when you are in South Korea you can plan your visit more efficiently. Oh and yes! Do not forget to try some South Korean street food while you’re at it because you will regret if you don’t! Happy traveling! 🙂

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