Most travelers travel across the same regions and miss out on exploring some of the most beautiful cultures and ethnicities in the world. North Africa is one of the regions with the richest cultures, best places to visit and rich history all over the world. Do you love to explore different ethnicities and cultures while you travel around the world? If you do, you should travel across North Africa.

Morocco is the one of the most diverse countries when it comes to locations and tourist attractions. It has landscapes, mountains, city life, busy markets, ruins of ancient civilizations, historical places, deserts etc. Here are some of the best places to visit in Morocco.

Marrakesh Medina

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-Merrakesh Medina, Morocco

Out of all the best places tourists like to visit in Morocco, the Marrakesh Medina is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Morocco. It is because this bustling citadel in the city of Marrakesh is best known for its innumerous covered textile and spice souks, hammams (bathhouses), mosques, madrasas, all within high town walls. At night snake charmers and folk dancers come here to perform for the tourists and locals gathered there so it is very busy after evening. This old part of the town is divided into quarters and each quarter has a hammam, a bread oven, a madrasa, a mosque and a water fountain.

Hassan ll Mosque

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-Hassan ll Mosque, Morocco

It is a mosque located in the Casablanca city of Morocco. This mosque is best known because it is the second largest active mosque in all of Africa and also the 7th largest functioning mosque in the world. This mosque has a minaret which is the second tallest minaret of any mosque in the world which is 210 meters. It has a capacity for 105,000 people who can visit this mosque at the same time and pray.

Fes el Bali

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Fes el bali, Morocco

If you wat to visit old Morocco you should visit Fasel Bali. Fas el Bali is an old city in Morocco with very narrow old streets. Cars or big vehicles cannot pass through these narrow streets. With painted walls in colored ceramics, Karaouiyne University made in the 9th century is also in this town. The famous R’cif Mosque on this city has huge minarets which towers on the busy markets in Fas el Bali. The local vendors prepare perfumes, spices, leather and lamps on the rooftops of this town which makes the aerial views of this city so colorful. This city offers a range of food from street kebabs to the gourmet styled restaurants.


chefchaouen-morocco-e8541f9f1669.jpg (850×567)

It is a city in the northwest of Morocco in the middle of Rif Mountains. It is famous for its blue-washed, striking and old buildings with steep-cobbled streets. These streets are full with weaving and leather workshops. This city has a 15th century dungeon and fortress known as Chefchaouen Ethnographic Museum. It is a much smaller city as compared to the other cities of Morocco but it is still very safe to travel and explore the blue allies of this beautiful city.

Rif Mountains

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Rif Mountains, Morocco

The Rif or the Riff is a geographical region of in the north of Morocco. This region was previously occupied by Spain and this is the reason which is why this region is so rich in Spanish colonial architecture. The breathtaking green mountains in the Rif region are really popular for hiking amongst the tourists.

Erg Chebbi

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Erg Chebbi, Morocco

When the sand is blown by the strong winds, large ocean of dunes is formed. It is called an erg. There are a number of ergs in Morocco and Erg Chebbi is one the Morocco’s biggest ergs. Erg Chebbi is located in the middle of pre-Saharan steppes. It is not a specific part of the Sahara desert which is located in the south of Morocco. Tourists visit this erg to enjoy the view of a dessert and of course ride a camel!

There you go! Now you have a list of the best places out of amazing Morocco that you can visit to have a glimpse of what a North African country and its culture looks like! Happy Traveling! 🙂




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