Maldives is a country which is really gifted with some of the most serene beaches, surreal islands and beautiful tropical places in the world. The country is basically strewn across turquoise waters from one end to another. It has powdery beaches in the northern atoll while fishing hamlets and huge sea shacks in the southern isles.

Maldives have always been a dream honeymoon destination for the newlyweds but recently Maldives have opened up new local guesthouses, hotspots for surfing and other adventure destinations. This has changed Maldives from a honeymoon spot to a backpacking destination.

Let us explore some of the best places to visit in Maldives;



Male is the capital of Maldives. This is a typical South Asian city bustling with small markets full of spices and coconuts while cars and scooters keep thrumming in the streets all day long. It is a small city with too much crammed into it. Male is famous for its 17th century Mosque and a gold-tipped Islamic center. Markets of Male are a must visit.


Maafushi does not have five-star hotel and high-end resorts like most of other Maldivian cities do, but it has a charm of its own. It was washed away in the 2004 Tsunami. Hence, the natives have been busy rebuilding it since the last decade. It is the best destination for the budget tourists since it’s a lot cheaper than the other big destinations with beaches. Maafushi has gorgeous beaches, cozy little coffee shops and lapping waves that crash on the shore.



Utheemu is located on the far northern end of the Haa Alif Atol of the Maldives. This place has a special spot in the history of this country. It is because Utheemu was once the home to the Maldivian leader Sultan Muhamed Thakurufaanu who drove out the Portuguese invaders from the isles of the country in the 16th century. This destination also has the blue ocean with the powdery white beaches but what makes it more appealing is the historical Utheemu Ganduvaru which is an astonishing timber-built palace where the respected Sultan grew up.


Maradhoo is a major link in the island chain which the Maldives have. This island is long and thin and grows all the way into the Indian Ocean. It has narrow beachfront with gorgeous coconut palms. The locals here in Maradhoo are very friendly, laid-back and welcoming. Maradhoo is famous for its spicy food mainly the sea food. Taking a walk down the Link Road is a must. You can enjoy sandwiches and coffee from the local vendors you will meet along the way.

Banana Reef


Many travelers travel to the Maldives from all over the world just for the sake of diving. Banana Reef is the best destination to test your abilities on the Scuba gear and the wetsuits. The majestic views of the colorful corals and the seaweed-clads that lie underwater at the Banana Reef are to die for. If you are also a fan of diving, Banana Reef is what you should be visiting while in the Maldives.


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Fuvahmulah offers something a little different from the rest of the Maldivian sandy islands. This place does not have any other places nearby in the Indian Ocean and occupies the entire atoll by itself. This place being close to the equator has a steaming weather throughout the year.

Thulusdhoo Island

Thulusdhoo Island is till yet largely undiscovered. This part in the Male Atoll has wide spaces of sand through which hundreds of bulbous coconut trunks grow. The white beaches are naturally very captivating. The locals here like to go out in their fishing boats and bring home some sea food every now and then. Thulusdhoo is quite famous among the surfers who visit from around the globe.

Impressive thing about the Maldives is how its natural beauty is kept by the locals. Even though they have commercialized it because their economy majorly depends only on their tourism yet they have managed to keep the essence of nature which is the real beauty of the Maldives. Now that you know where to visit whenever you visit the Maldives, what are you waiting for? Add this one on your bucket list and happy traveling!


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