Northern lights also known as Polar light or Aurora Polaris are an astronomical phenomenon which can be seen in the night skies of our planet Earth. It appears of to be layers of colored lights flowing through the night sky. Scientifically, this phenomenon happens when sun emits a cloud of gas during a solar activity.

People travel from all over the world to the places where Northern Lights or Aurora can be seen. Some of the most beautiful places where these lights can be seen are mentioned below;

Tromso, Norway

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Norwegian Arctic region is on top of the tourist attractions to see Northern Lights. Tromso being the heart of the Norwegian Arctic is widely regarded as the best place in the world to experience this magical phenomenon. Tourists can see Northern Lights in Tromso starting from September all the way till April. There are so many pubs and bars in the city that the city itself is very famous among the tourists who visit every year.

Lapland, Finland

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Lapland is a place in the Arctic Circle of the Northern Europe. In Finland people enjoy Northern Lights for more than half a year, every year. The local aurora chasers claim that the lights can be seen on a clear night from September till March every year. There are hotels in Lapland which offer glass igloos from which you can see the light show!

Yellowknife, Canada

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Yellowknife is the capital city of the Northwest Territories of Canada. It is also known as the Northern Lights Capital of the Aurora Capital of North America. The night skies of Yellowknife are lit with Northern Lights from January to March and when at the end of March the weather becomes warmer the lights disappear.

Saadjarv, Estonia

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There are a lot of places in Estonia which are visited by the tourists for the sake of seeing Northern Lights but Saadjarv is the most famous one amongst the international tourists during winters. These lights can be seen over one of the 10 deepest and largest lakes in Estonia known as Lake Saadjarv. There is a nature park close to this lake known as the Vooremaa Natural Park, so there is much to see around in the day as well.

Orkney, Scotland

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Scotland has a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauty and visit-worthy places but the group of beautiful islands is one of the best places in the country because of aurora-lit night skies. Here the aurora can be seen in fall and winter. Other than aurora, Orkney offers breathtaking landscapes and lots and lots of sheep!

Coast of Norway

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A mesmerizing light show can be seen if you set sail for the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. There are a lot of itineraries which depart from London or many other coasts for the North Sea, tourists go on these cruises just to watch this aurora show. These cruises mostly end in Bergen after stopping at a number of ports.

Ilulissat, Greenland

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Ilulissat is the third largest city of Greenland and is very scarcely populated. Only 5,000 people live in this city. It is one of the main reasons of the how preserved its natural beauty is. Here it does not rain much and the wind is also very calm. It contributes to the fact that conditions to see the Northern Lights here are very good. These lights can be seen in Ilulissat on a starry night from September till April.

Next time you plan to travel and want to watch skies full of neon lights, you might actually want to add above mentioned places into your bucket-list! Happy traveling! 🙂



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